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05/19/2009 06:24 AM

Who gets these panic attack symptoms?...


Uncomfortable feeling all over but also the back and neck muscles are all stiff. Tightness in the chest. Heart beat stronger and its pace faster than normal. Respiration is faster. Hair on the back of the head feels like it's standing up. Trembling slightly. Feeling that I could die at any minute. Noticing having extra body fat. Feeling dizzy like I am losing the sense of balance. Choked up feeling in the throat. Chest and arm are completely numb.

Anxiety disorders are a cause of tremendous

suffering in the United States. Victims often feel

they must endure their fears without complaint

or risk having others think they are weak or

unbalanced. Often they themselves don't know

what the real source of their suffering is. Members

of their family may be confused too.


05/19/2009 04:04 PM
damselndistressPosts: 16953
VIP Member

I get these feelings too. I don't really have a lot of fat on me but I notice every other single detail that doesn't look right about my body. My knuckles are swollen up. My heels even seemed puffy last Friday. Then I ask myself well I don't really know what they looked like before, maybe that's just from so much time on my feet. I'm so body aware these days and it is so hard to seperate the anxiety for what is really going on with my body. It all feels the same to me.

05/19/2009 04:51 PM

I have that too. Not being able to discern between the panic and actual physical problems. I'm very hyperaware of my body and any sensations I have. I also get the other symptoms as well. Panic attacks show up with so many of the same symptoms as a heart attack/heart problem. That's why so many of us end up in the er just to be sent home after being told we're fine and it's "all in your head". In my opinion though, its better to be safe than sorry.

07/06/2009 08:42 PM
Posts: 33

I have many of these symptoms. I also have the tightest muscles in my shoulders and back of neck.

I hope you feel better soon.

07/07/2009 07:35 PM
ElizaNPosts: 6

Everyone carries there stress in different places. Some the neck or back, in my case it's my stomach. Better a stiff neck than the case of the runs haha. TMI?

07/09/2009 07:49 PM
Posts: 2137
VIP Member

Yep and then some! hang in there and know im here if u wanna talk!

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