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04/28/2012 01:58 AM

Please help

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Hi I have suffered from panic attacks for quite a while now. I'm only 20 years old and over the past 2 - 3 months they've become significantly worse. I currently am going through a period of 3 days where my anxiety will not go away. I just had a horrible panic attack and am still recovering but cannot seem to get rid of the shakiness. Please help me get through this. Thank you

04/28/2012 05:25 AM
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Tumbler...welcome to this group. You will find lots of support and great info here. Hope you are feeling a little better now. Have you seen a dr for this and are you on any medication? Just needed a little background to help out.

If you are still experiencing symptoms have you tried any distraction techniques, breathing throigh the belly or holding ice cubes or drinking cold water? Sometimes it just helps to talk to someone here. Sorry, no one was online when you first posted. Keep posting!!

04/28/2012 05:34 AM
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Welcome to the group Tumbler,

So sorry to hear your having a rough time with panic right now. Sad

Your not alone, we are here. Smile

Check out the articles here, they are very useful.

Walking around, doing something to distract yourself from the panic helps. Turn up the ax, open windows or put a fan on.

Listening to guided meditation really helps me. Free just Google.

Hope your doing better now. I've had panic 11yrs now. With tools and relaxation methods , its more manageable. Hugs.

04/28/2012 06:45 AM
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Hey Tumbler, welcome to the group. When I have a panic attack I also have the lingering anxiety that can last for days and it stinks. You have to remain positive and change your thinking. I do deep breathing twice a day and it has really helped my anxiety. I also do positive affirmations and really try to just accept the panic/anxiety. I have also been drinking herbal teas which I think help alot too. If you are to the point where you don't think you can cope and are feeling extremely weak it might be good for you to see a doctor. You have found an amazing support system here and hopefully we can help you through this tough time. Hugs and strength ().

04/28/2012 07:02 AM
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Everyone here will give you suggestions and they are all good. Try them and see what fits you best. You came to the right place, so welcome!

04/28/2012 01:04 PM
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Number of?

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