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04/27/2012 06:33 PM

staving it off isnt working.(page 10)

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Aw froggy, I'm sorry. I'm hoping to have at least one. Now if my bf will get off his bootie a nd propose! I'd like to get this show on the road

04/27/2012 06:33 PM

Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked

04/27/2012 06:36 PM
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Froggy, all of you are very girlie! Why do you think I hang around? lol

04/27/2012 07:57 PM
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O Frog he must be so cute hon,enjoy every minutes I know they grow up fast my son in 21 and my daughter 16....who know I may be soon grandma if my son have a babySmile)Smile)Smile)

You are bless to have one kid,so nothing else matter sorry hon you couldn't have more

I have one abortion because of chest X-ray and 2 miscarriage year after year I would have 5 kids all together but what to do I am Bless to have two beautiful childrenSmile)Smile)Smile)

I never find out what went wrong but it also takes me some time to have my son because of my husband surgery not long like you but couple months

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04/28/2012 12:02 AM
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I am very blessed to have my little guy. I love him to pieces!! let him have it girl!

Kildare...Yeah, we know why you hang around. LOL!

Not to worry Slada. I am glad I have at least one to watch grow up and give me joy! Grandkids sound good!! Smile

04/28/2012 10:53 AM

Froggy, You are a wonderful Mama! Smile Smile Smile

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