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04/17/2012 10:39 AM

feeling good

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hi everyone im still alive & kicking, thanks roy for your concern.discussed this website with my therapist i was advised that it may contribute to my anxiety [ i don,t believe it myself ] i have been having intense therapy ocd & anxiety for a few weeks feeling a lot more relaxed taking yoga classes [ bloody hell i ache ]hope everyone is fine & dandy.speak soon love u lots jelly tots !!!!Tongue Tongue

04/17/2012 12:25 PM

Hi higger,

I wonder why your Doctor feels that way? That is very interesting.

Do whatever is best for you. Hope that you have a wonderful day! Smile

04/17/2012 07:28 PM
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I can somewhat understand the doctors advice. Sometimes reading stories of others, or those who suffer worse symptoms, or other health issues, can increase anxiety. I am a cancer survivor and I very rarely want to read about similiar makes me worry and grow anxious over the what if's..Just my opinion.

04/17/2012 07:39 PM
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I don't get is,doctor should suggest you to join some group so you can talk with people and find out more and feel better when you talk with somebody....I don't know but my doctor does not mind he was happy when I told him about my friends here and all love an support,I am wondering is your doctor nuts,little jokes,but seriously what the f......

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04/18/2012 05:45 AM
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I honestly can see why a doctor or therapist might advice against an online group. I agree with you Vero. I had a doctor once that was concerned about me joining an online support group a long time ago. I guess they are worried about that person getting more anxious, worried reading about things and such which could make a person worse. I guess it depends on the person and their stage in treatment, etc.

04/18/2012 06:04 AM
janicepvPosts: 3264
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I have to admit, that depending on my state of mind, sometimes reading about others' issues on this website makes me more anxious. Then there are days that I am ready to jump in and send a hug and hopefully some helpful advice and kind words to the very same person. On the days it's not working for me and making me more anxious, I just back away till another day when I can handle it better. The key is to recognize those times when it's just making you more upset to read stuff here. Kinda like a TV show that is making you feel bad - change the channel or turn off the TV and do something else.

04/18/2012 06:20 AM
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Makes alot of sense to me too.

That is why it is good to share the achievments, successes and good days with one another too.

We must know when we need a break or when our bodies are telling us to take some down and you time. Smile

04/18/2012 06:58 AM
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That is very true PHIL!!! Smile

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