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04/27/2011 04:03 AM


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Hi guys! I'm looking for anyone who has taken Buspar/Buspirone. I'm asking because of all the meds out there for anxiety/panic, this is the one no doctor has ever prescribed to me. One doc told me its ineffective for the treatment of panic attacks and is more beneficial for generalized anxiety disorder. But yet I hear some people have had success with this in regards to panic. I understand this is a mild tranquilizer and is not habit forming. I currently take my benzo as needed but I hate taking it worrying that I may become dependent on it. I'm curious if I add this to my Paxil instead of the benzo if I'll have any benefit out of it.

Anybody have any input about Buspar? I see my doc today for a med check-up and I was thinking of asking about this maybe to try it and see if this would work.


04/27/2011 06:31 AM
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Hi Julanne! I was prescribed Buspar a couple of years ago but it really does absolutely nothing, esp. if you know what a benzo feels like. I've heard you have to take it while to let it get in your system, maybe then it helps with generalized anxiety but I think it is completely ineffective if you have panic attacks or need something fast-acting.

You could always try it, as it definitely going to be "mild" and see how it works for you Smile Everyone is soo different in their experiences.

Personally, I just try to stick to the absolute minimum dosage of a xanax (like breaking my 1/4 mg in half) if I really need something and then I worry less about dependency. That way, I know I have something that works and I don't have to take it for weeks for it to become effective...which the buspar never did for me.


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