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11/17/2010 03:14 PM

panic attacks

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Member name is Jim. This may be odd...maybe not. I have been reading discussion for the first time today on this site and for some reason I haven't had a panic attack all day, which is good for me. I'm not sure if it's knowing that their are other people out here like me or what ???? Anyway, I don't really want to log off..Silly Did just reading other peoples needs, pains,triumps anybody else. If this is all I had to do I would have done this 29 years ago...ya 29 years ago. I've been pretty stubborn over the years trying to face this on my own......Now I'm to tired here I am.

Thanks for this group.



11/17/2010 03:20 PM
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Hi welcome to the group theres lots of helpfull stuff in the forums,glad you decided to join.

11/17/2010 04:12 PM
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Group Leader

Hi Jim and welcome to the group. Yes, when I found this site I became very calm (mostly) Wink I was amazed to see how many of us there really are. I thought I was alone..NOT.

11/19/2010 07:26 PM
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Hi Jim! This site has helped me wonderfully! I have picked up many great techniques from my friends here at MDJ! Welcome!!

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