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10/13/2008 01:10 AM

Insomnia---Please help!

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Hello fellow wonderful group members,

I have terrible insomnia, because of night terrors & panic attacks from my panic disorders. The thing is, there IS an insomnia group, but people almost NEVER post (well, except me), and if they do, they almost NEVER get a reply.

I am writing to ask that if any of you have insomnia or know someone who does, that you consider joining the insomnia group and/or referring a friend.

Nighttime is often the very worst time for me, because of the heightened panic, and I can almost never find anyone in that group to talk to. Please consider joining if you have insomnia or know someone who does, or even if you just are up late and can be a support person. To people like me, it means everything to have someone to talk and listen to during those anxious nighttime hours.

Thanks so much, and feel free to PM me if you'd like.



10/17/2008 03:46 PM
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I usually don't have insomnia but did when my lexapro was upped to 20mg and it was awful. I can't imagine it happening all the time. I do feel panic at night a lot. More so when the house is quiet. I think to much when I try to relax. I hope you are feeling better.

10/17/2008 03:56 PM
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I used to have trouble with panic at bed time, but now I try to just veg out to some TV show and it takes my mind to another place. I can relax and than I can fall asleep. I usually like watching something that's mindless or funny so I can just relax and watch it.

That's what's worked for me.


10/17/2008 04:21 PM
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I'm with Sandy on this one. It's usually hard for me to go to bed and just 'lay there'. I usually end up *thinking* too much (about the wrong stuff) and wondering why my heart is beating so hard. I've had nights recently where I've gotten out of bed THREE TIMES to check my BP and BPM which were both absolutely normal. It's amazing how you can think you're heart is racing/beating hard just by laying there, listening to it.

So I usually take my laptop to bed with me or watch TV. Sometimes I'll turn it way down & just fall asleep with it on. My one counselor suggested I get one of those 'white noise' machines that has beach or rainfall etc sounds on it. I might go check into getting one this weekend, it seems like a good idea.

Hope it helps~


10/17/2008 04:40 PM
seymour7Posts: 140

I'll join. Im a night owl and have early morning awakenings my whole life (usu. between 2-4am).Plus anxiety and have a bunch of stuff going on now.

Im on the computer a ton, so feel free to write anytime

10/17/2008 08:00 PM
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I joined for u, hehe

10/18/2008 08:10 PM
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Have you tried hypnosis?



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