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10/05/2008 03:01 PM


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How do people function at work with anxiety cuz i am having some problems and just wondering if there is anything that helps you get thru the day. W00t

10/05/2008 03:33 PM
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Yes that can be a real problem. And sometims embarrasing. I some times step out for a minute to gather my thoughts and to take a deep breath. Every one is different. We all must find what works for us.


10/05/2008 04:30 PM
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Yes Amanda, I have anxiety at work sometimes, but the people I work with have seen me at my worst because that's where one of the panic attacks occured where I had them call 911. Talk about embarrassing!!! The only thing I can suggest is to try and keep busy to keep your mind focused on something else. Wish I had some better advise, but that's really all I've got. Do they know that you have panic issues? Maybe it would help if you told one or two of your close coworkers??



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