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07/28/2010 01:52 PM


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Why is it always the days I'm feeling delicate that a bunch of random stressful situations crop up? I've been having a rough patch anyway, am premenstrual, my daughter's tonsillectomy is tomorrow, and of course today turns out to be the day that I'm forced to talk to my best friend of 20 years who I recently had a major falling out with. Even with .5 of Xanax, my whole body was shaking with all the darn adrenaline, and my heart/chest started doing its weird thing. A bit better now, but I'm still lightheaded, tired, and getting a headache. Is it possible to get an adrenaline "hangover?" Seems like every time I almost convince myself that my symptoms are issues with my brain and not my body, something happens that makes me feel afraid that I'm really walking around with an undiagnosed illness. Panic disorder sucks.

07/28/2010 01:57 PM
damselndistressPosts: 16965
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Yeah the adrenaline sucks basically.

It will make you feel sick to your stomach like you're really on the verge any moment of puking and it will give you a horrible headache after.

I guess just try to drink a lot of water and get good sleep tonight if you can.

It is true that some of these things can happen during that time of life.

I am perimenopausal too and you can find a lot of the symptoms that we feel on that long list if you look it up.

I started noticing it not long after I had my youngest child and turned 40 like 2 weeks later. Within that year periods started getting wacky.

I really think you're okay we just have way too much stress in our lives.


07/28/2010 02:41 PM

YES 100% yes thats what adrenaline does it makes your body ready to "fight or flight" and when there is no real danger there is no where for that adrenaline to go in your body no energy spent then it makes you sick, like you will throw up, lightheaded after the attack is over and during it.

The best thing and HARDEST thing to do during a panic attack is get up and do something even if its walking slowly back in forth where ever you are or whatever BURN OFF THE adrenaline RUSH!!!! It wont fix the feeling after 100% but you will feel MUCH better if you let all those chemicals go somewhere other than spreading over your body with nothing to do with it!!! Its like your body is running as fast as it can but you set and take shallow breaths and hope for it to get better the panic will stop yes leaving you feeling like CRAP!

get up and move around

belly breath while you walk

nothing crazy dont run (unless you feel like it, it wont hurt you)

your dizzy cause of short breaths not long ones panic raises your blood pressure NOT lowers is so you WONT passout unless you have something else wrong with you cause the act of passing out is caused by a MAJOR drop in BP

Hope you are feeling better soon dear


07/28/2010 05:25 PM

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07/29/2010 10:13 AM
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Lee - I did wind up going on a cleaning spree in my house and that helped burn off some of the shakes. I still had a mild headache, but I tend to be a very headachy person... it's not uncommon for me to have one at some point almost every day. Been doing lots of belly breathing too, thanks for that suggestion. I have chest pressure as one of my symptoms and the belly breaths reassure me that I am still taking full, complete breaths even if I feel a little suffocated.

07/29/2010 12:00 PM
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Yes Panic Disorder does suck! I like to work out and do kick boxing when I am feeling to anxious or crazy. It helps get all of that adrenaline out AND it's good for the waist line Smile

And yeah I think you can get an adrenaline hangover. Our bodies go through so much that it is physically exhausting when we have panic. It takes a huge toll on us.

07/29/2010 04:39 PM

Thats a great way to deal with stress Jenny. I love swimming, its very calming


07/29/2010 11:16 PM
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That anxiety along with an ativan during a panic attack always make for a sleepy cocktail for me. I feel like I could sleep for hours after its all over. The worst part though is the panic hangover where you feel like your misfiring on all cylinders for the next couple of days.

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