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07/14/2010 05:26 AM

Talking again, anxiety attack in progress...

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PCG just told she need me to call her reumatologist because she is having a lot of pain and can´t speak due to shortness of breath. And My stomach decided it was time to close shop and curl up in a ball.

I´m frozen, I have chills all over my body though I´m fully clothed (it cold like hell here) and the heater on.

I feel like I´ve been kicked in the nuts and punch in the belly at the same time, while thrown into ice water.

Hope this helps a little...Sad


07/14/2010 05:45 AM

Oh I am sorry hun empathy pains suck when you are so close to someone I totally understand my husband and I both have panic attacks and when one feels bad it seems to push off onto the other and makes us both have a bad day!! So I understand just rememeber she needs you to LOVE her rub her feet or back tell her you love her, I know you want to fix her but you cant, I have cancer and my husband has problems with it as well, when I feel really bad he gets so mad and sick at the same time cause he feels like it his job to protect me to fix me and he cant makes him feel well like less of a man I guess just rememeber she does not look at you like this at all you are the man she loves and you love her so be there for her now and know that loving her,rubbing (when its not hurting so bad) and just laying her head in your lap and playing with her hair is JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED lol... I hope you have relax some rememeber breath out then slowly in to the count of 7 then out to the count of 11 pause then breath in again do this 20 times it will relax your mind,body and soul.

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