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05/07/2010 07:28 PM

Frequent Panic attacks and high heart rate

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Hi Everyone! I am new here. I was diagnosed at 26 (300lbs.) with diabetes. Shortly after that I started having panic attacks. The first one I had I thought I was having a heart attack. I lost 70 lbs and still kept having panic attacks, 1-2 big ones a year. I am now down to about 185 lbs, after about 10 years of ups and downs.

I've had two children and suffered severe panic attacks through my first pregnancy. They have recently returned. I have noticed that when i am "dieting..." and trying to lose weight and get my blood sugar in a normal range, that I will sometimes have panic attacks with low blood sugar.

I have to eat quickly or i freak out that i am going to pass out or die. I don't know what to do. I am continually worried about my health and my cardiovascular system. I am worried about whether or not I am going to have a heart attack. Also, my resting heart rate is in the 90's and I've heard that's bad too.

But every time I try to exercise I wind up out of breath and terrified that I'm having a heart attack. It's like a catch-22!!! I want to get better, but exercise raises my heart rate and causes me stress and breathing difficulty and makes me think I'm going to have a heart attack. My mom died of a heart attack 5 years ago at 62, but there were other factors there.

Shortly after that I got pregnant with my son and my doctor told me I was a great candidate to have a heart attack and kill me and my son too. My preganancy was a nightmare, riddled with panic disorder and panic attacks...I lost 60 lbs while pregnant though.

I've been to therapists and doctors, they put me on paxil and later lexapro, but they just caused more panic attacks. Can you suggest something I can do to prevent these, or is there a better way to control it, or not let my fear of dying grip me and keep me unhealthy. -Thank you from an Agoraphobic!-


05/07/2010 08:13 PM

Hi Heather

Welcome to the group.

1. Have you been fully evaluated by a cardiologist? NOT your family doctor - they are useless. You are worried about your heart. Have the cardiologist(s) put you on a med regime to control your heart rate?

2. Are you working with a diabetes doctor and a diet doctor (together) to control the diabetes and weight in the best, most healthy manner? Again - do not tell me family doctor - they are all useless.

3. If you do items 1 and 2 above - then your fears and worrying should be controlled.

4. Stop the up and down dieting - it is worse than nothing. Rather select a life style to live for ever. And do it and do not vary it - period.

5. At 185 you are no longer at heart risk. That is my weight. To do the cardio that you need you need to understand that you start cardio at 3 minutes each for 3 machines. And you do it 3 times a week. After about a week you can increase each machine by 1 minute each . And so forth.

When you get on a machine - just work at the highest rate that you possibly can without being winded or any other pain. And certainly no dizzyness. If you experience any of them - slow down immediately. You probably should get a trainer at first.

Alway start each machine slow and then increase it each half minute. That gives your body time to adjust.

This is not a race - it is a new life approach.

Eating fast - is a total disaster. STOP IT RIGHT NOW. The slower you eat the better. Take very very small bites of everthing.

If you feel any heart racing - get your cardiologist to get you onto a heart monitor for a week to determine what the problem is - and stop worrying.

If you did not die at 300 pounds and with diabetes and no exercise - you will be just fine now.

Listen to me - I really know what I am talking about. I am a body builder enthusiast. And my heart was completely destroyed by a bad case of pnemonia in april 2007. The cardiologists told my family that I could not possibly survive more than two days. After a year the cardiologists told me I could not possibly survive more than a couple more hours. Last week they told me I am no longer at risk of dieing and that I can live a normal life.

Cardio, cardio cardio is a big help. Weights later.

And you need to get all of the sodium out of your diet. ALL...

Hugs, Raoul

oh, and we did not even get to the panic attacks yet. But I am too tired tonight for more.

The three machines are - the tredmill, the elyptical, and the bicycle.


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05/07/2010 08:41 PM
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Hi welcome to the group!

Ray has a lot of great things to say so I just wanted to say hi and welcome! I know physical concerns can greatly add to anxiety and worry so I hope that you are working with a doctor to help keep these concerns in check.

I am an agoraphobic as well and belong to that group here on MDJ as well as this one. Not sure if you saw that there is one but if not check it out! You can find it by going to my profile (click on my photo), scrolling down my page to the right side lists my support groups.

I find both of these groups very helpful! I sure hope to see you around here!


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