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04/05/2012 06:46 PM

ileostomy bag leakage problems in public

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I am new to this group, so I hope that I am posting correctly. My mother has had an ileostomy bag since January as a result of a fistula between her colon and her uterus. She is in a rehab, but may be discharged soon. In the rehab, there have been so many problems with the bag: leakage, breakage, etc. I am wondering how it is to go out in pubic with the bag and what happens if the bag breaks while in public. My mother has some dementia so should would never be alone. She also cannot take care of the bag herself. I would appreciate any advice on this topic. Thanks.

04/06/2012 04:05 PM
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lgins you are indeed in the right place. Have you discussed with the ET nurse the issues your Mom is having with her leakage, etc. They should be able to fit her properly so she isn't changing bags often or having so many issues. I can wear mine up to 7 days and only change the pouch daily. There are many new types out there and unfortunately the hospital sends us home with some older models in my personal opinion. Contact Convatec or Hollister and explain what is happening. They may have an ET nurse on hand who can help and also send some free samples. I always carry extra wafer and pouch when I venture out. So far I have never had an acccident in public and I have had my ostomy for just over 10 years. Please let us know what you find out. Smile

04/20/2012 08:23 PM
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Always carry extra supplies, a change of clothes and baby wipes!I keep all my stuff in a back pack.I have had accidents in public and it is not fun at all!But like Libit said..if she is fitted properly to her appliance, that should really help with the accidents.Also use Stoma Paste!That stuff is a God send!!!Instead of eating large several smaller meals....that helps control the output!If I am going to be out for a while, I try not to eat too much!Good luck and also would like to say how much I respect that you are taking such good care of your mother!

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