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03/01/2012 04:19 PM

Moms liver transplant today.

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Hi all. I had posted this in another section, but someone kindly pointed this forum out to me so I will post here as well.

"Hi all. My mother (51 years old) has cirrhosis for 10 years. It was stable for a long time but last year it started going downhill, we almost lost her in november, she gained 65 lbs from fluid alone. They got that taken care of, her kidneys started failing so she got put on dialysis, but through prayers and God after a month and a half or so on dialysis her kidneys improved and she was taken off of it! That was in early January. Since then they got her on the transplant list, 2-3 weeks ago she was placed on the list.

She has had to have weekly paracentesis for ascites since october of last year, and has had to have some varices in her throat banded. Anyways, she went in last friday for a TIPS procedure to help with the ascites and bulging veins in the throat. She had a pretty rough time after the TIPS, her creatinine was going back up to over 2 but it came back down to 1.9 on tuesday so they let her come home. Her MELD score had come down some after her kidneys improved but they said monday it was back up to 18.

Now the miracle, I hope. This morning the hospital called and said come in, we have a liver!!! As of right now, we don't know if they are transplanting or not today, still waiting on all the bloodwork and tests to come back. Anyways, assuming they do, do the transplant today, I was just wondering what to expect? She lives with us since she got sick so we will be taking care of her when she comes home. What is the recovery like? Anything I can do to make it easier on her?

I also wanted to ask any of you that will, please pray for my mom. I will be praying for all of you as well, I hope all of you that need a liver get one sooner rather than later."

I am glad to say she is in surgery now, been updated a few times everything going well so far, keep us in your prayers.


03/02/2012 06:03 AM
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Hey jamie78!

Welcome to the Group! We are a small but growing group that includes people waiting for an organ (any kind) transplant or who have already received a life saving transplant. And of course their caregivers. I'm a group leader in both this group and the cirrhosis group so I am so thrilled to see that your mom made it thru the surgery so well! Keep coming back whenever you have a question or to give us a status report!



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