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07/20/2012 07:04 AM

Anyone else have O.N. due to Cervical Spondylosis?

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Hi Everyone. Sideways I have O.N. due to progressive deterioration of my neck vertebrae and the resulting bone spurs (uncovertebral joint osteophytes) pressing on the occipital nerve root. The migraine and cluster headaches from pain radiating forward into the cranial and facial nerves are debilitating, and my skeletal neck pain is continuous now. The C.S. began as a result of a traumatic childhood injury with head and neck trauma. I'm sure there must be others of you with this cause?

I am a recent student with a degree in Psychology, focused in neuroscience, and I recently completed a second bachelor's degree that is professional writing-related. My neuroscience studies give me some understanding of what's going on, but I'm just out of university and trying to find a job now, and have no medical insurance, just as symptoms have been worsening, so it's very frustrating. My avenues for treatment are very limited. My diagnosis of Cervical Spondylosis and Occipital Neuralgia were made when I still was still under insurance as a student single mom. I have been able to find some affordable chiropractic care at a community clinic with volunteer doctors, which helps manage my skeletal pain somewhat. A referral had been made to a neurologist by my GP, but by the time the appointment came up, I no longer had medical coverage, so I did not keep the appointment. I simply can't afford it.

Because my C.S. is a progressive degenerative thing that will not 'get better', and symptoms are worsening a lot suddenly over past 2 years, the state of Oregon DHS has begun a disabilities case filed with Social Security for Disabilities and Aging Services, but I don't know if I will be approved, and it's just a waiting game at this point. I couldn't afford a car while a returning-to-school single-again mom, and still don't have one. Job searching is difficult, and many days my pain and headaches are just in the way, in a BIG way. I am out of money left over from my student loans my final term and beginning to feel very hopeless and even fear homelessness. This is something that I would never have dreamed in a million years, coming out of the life I once had.

I've had no significant other for years, since my then-husband left my daughter and me, and all family are on the opposite US coast (and are rather dysfunctional and unsupportive, anyway.) We have limited communication. I'm so sorry to sound so down and also that this post is getting so l-o-n-g!

Just really looking for peeps to talk to at this point, for support and morale, while I try to get some medical and living resources together in my state. Social Services is not something I grew up depending on, and I had some kind of private insurance mostly my whole life, until recently. So I am now learning to navigate the social services system, which I'm finding is very stretched and strained resources-wise in this current economy. Silly

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12/12/2013 03:01 PM
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hi, I seem to have similar problems with my neck and spine, and just got the MRI results for it. Though I'm not a premed student, it looks like I will be looking at surgery for it, if only to 'cut' out the bone spurs. In the meantime I never know when the pain will return- or how bad it will be. And the headaches...! I know exactly what you mean- I never had headaches like this before August, when everything suddenly got a lot worse.

I just want you to know that I relate to what you wrote and would like to be your friend. Maybe together we can fight this, and in the very least we can cheer eachother on.

BTW- you wrote that you've never been involved with social services, but you really need their help now. That's what they're there for- people who really need help, and as far as I can tell, you definitely qualify.

Just don't give up- find a way to look for the silver lining in each day, and if you can, find a way to move forward. I'm with you in spirit. All the best, -Abby


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