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05/14/2012 10:15 PM

A New Member with ON

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Hi everyone. I am new to the group But not new to pain. I was born a healthy child. I grew up happy and surrounded by a caring and loving family. I played field hockey, volleyball, basketball and badminton and ran short distance. I supported myself through graduate school and got a nice job; BUT in 2005 March i developed some pain around my neck and a headache. For the last six years I have lost three jobs due to Chiari Malformation 1 and Occipital Neuralgia. I have seen 2 internal med Drs, a chiropractor, an Allergist, 1 Obstetrician, 2 Orthopedic Dr, 2 Neurologists, 4 brain surgeons and now 2 Pain management Dr. I have had the following surgeries since 2005: brain, shoulder, abdomen and a trial stimulator.I have used so many types of meds I have lost count. I have received almost 9 nerve blocks that gave me some relief temporarily and used Tens Unit and physical therapy to no avail. I experience burning,tingling, stabbing, dull continuous pain and bad headache at the back of my head and around my right side of head and face. The pain radiates to my right neck and right shoulder. This pain has reduced my life into a misery. I have started having tingling in my extremities. I am really upset with the way pain is taking control of my body. I am being evaluated for a permanent stimulator to control this pain but the trial was a nightmare. So I am looking for alternative treatment that may help control or manage this pain. I really want to fight this pain and I join with all you that are in pain like me to support and be supported. With all the technology we have I hope some breakthrough treatment will be discovered SOON. Wish you all hope for the future with less pain.

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