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04/27/2012 06:32 AM

QUESTION about decompression surgery!

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Good Morning All! I have question for everyone and so appreciate all of your help and info! As most of you know, I am scheduled to have nerve decompression surgery May 18th with Dr. Ducic. My pain seems to stem from and starts in the back of my head (middle, base of skull) and wraps around the top and to the front, only on the right side. My question to all of you that have had surgery with Dr. Ducic is this: Most of my pain seems to be on the very top of my head and towards the front. Will the decompression surgery take care of this pain? Can Dr. Ducic do lesser and greater occipital nerve decompression in one surgery? I am remaining hopeful that this surgery will help me to be pain free!!! Counting down the days until relief! Praying all that suffer from this disorder have a wonderful day today with minimal pain! Thanks again for all your info and support!

04/27/2012 04:57 PM
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I had like a rams horn in the back of my head. It was base of skull then up and out to top. the surgery takes time to recover from so make sure u r covered with help for the first few weeks. I was bed to couch for 6 weeks.

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