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12/20/2011 08:51 AM

Who has Religious obessions,,,Help needed !

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Wassat Just wondering who all struggles with Scrupolusity OCD? and how do you cope with it? I am so sick of these awful thoughts, I am sick of being sick...and I just wish I had a button I could push on my brain that says "Stop".. its awful, people that dont have this, just dont realize how blessed and lucky they are...I feel like giving up this fight alot, but try not too...its one day at a time...struggling...a battle within me no one can see or knows about unless I tell them and most people, unless they have it, would or could never understand....anyway, everyone that suffers from Religious obessions, please write and let me know your coping skills and what meds you take...if thats okay...thanks in advance for your help!

12/20/2011 10:00 AM
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Me! I have Scrupulosity OCD since 2 years plus ago. You are not alone. I do have the same feeling as you. Pls don't give up. There is always a hope to cope and win the OCD if you don't give up!

Two years ago, I totally broke down and daily anxiety level is 100%. The thoughts are so immoral, disgusting and horrible. I can't accept myself for having those thoughts, i will start to repeat a phase "I do not want anything/any thoughts" whenever any intrusive thoughts appeared. I try very hard to control the thoughts that my anxiety level are so high until i keep taking xanax to clam myself down. I started to addict to xanax and my condition get worst that i went to see a psychiatrist which given me two type of medicine (one is Prozac, the other i can't remember) to help me to cope with my OCD. As i'm very worry of the side effect of the medication, i decided to see a psychologist to help me cope with my OCD. I have learn some relaxtion technique from him after which we have try the exposure therapy for a period of one year. At the beginning of the therapy, the fear and anxiety level are so high as we need to keep facing the individual horrible thoughts. I used to think of giving up the treatment and even myself. But the thoughts of giving up is also horrible because if i will to give up means that I will be continued to live in "hell" , everyday feel scared and anxious. I don't want that. My Psychologist given me a lot of support and encouragement. I start to improve a little by a little. sometimes it do get worst but he encourage me to keep trying the exposure therapy. After 6 months my anxiety level has drop to 30%. Now I able to cope well with Scrupulosity OCD whenever those thoughts appear as those thoughts has lost their power in making me feel scared and anxious.

The exposure therapy is a very good skill to learn. But pls remember that in the beginning you need to do it with close guidance from the psychologist. Being Mindful and doing mindful meditation do help a lot too!

Pls don't give up. We will always be here to support you. Trust yourself that you can win the battle.

with metta


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12/20/2011 11:17 PM

Hi AngelInSC,

It's good to have you in the group. I see we are both from SC. I know that scrupulosity is really awful, and I know this because I went through it many years myself. I want to send some info about this I this will help you. One is a link, and it's: v scrupulosity-religious-obsessions-and-compulsions/menu-id- 69/, so just copy and paste it to your browser.

The other is a book called The Doubting Disease: Help for Scrupulosity and Religious Obsessions and Compulsions by Joseph W. Ciarrocchi. I highly reccomend this site and this book, and if I can be of any further help to you, please feel free to private message me anytime. I look forward to hearing from you soon.



01/15/2012 10:35 AM
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I had religious obsessions in high school. It was really awful. I thought "what if my prayers are being intercepted by the devil?" That was an incredibly scary thought to me. What worked, at the time, was to keep praying. I thought, "Nothing is outside of god, not even the devil; it all comes from God and it all goes back to God in the end." That helped, and gradually the religious o lost its hold on me. (Some obsessions, though, never went anywhere until I got on meds many years later.) But remembering that God is All helped with my religious obsession. I'm not religious anymore, but when I was, that was what helped.

01/15/2012 11:39 AM

I know unless someone has it i do not think people realize how painful this disorder is. I used to suffer from religious obsessions as a child. i thought i had to pray each night-the same prayer and I had to have my hands positioned a certain way while i prayed or prayer would not work and I would go to hell. It was so scarey as a kid with these thoughts. now i do not have those osessions so much-other ones. But i feel for you and hope you can get some relief. when i started paxil yrs ago i found alot of relief. Now i take other meds too-i think they all help some but i know i will always deal with it-i just have the meds and more coping skills.

02/22/2012 08:46 AM
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hi guys, been dealing with this over 25 years now. need to pray all day long for fear of something terrilble happening to my family. its really awful sometimes, even contemplated suicide many times. I have 3 beautiful kids that really need me so that is not an option. bad thing is i have become a heavy drug user and an alcaholic im 33 years old and sometimes feel like when im doing my rituals and somebody catches me it makes me look really ridiculous. i try my best to hide it from other people but i cant hide it from myself because everywher i go there i am. i had depersonalization for a while and thought i was going over the edge. reading these posts is really making me feel better, especially when i get replys helps me feel like im not alone. i have about a thousand rituals i have to do daily. my family doesnt really understand i know you guys do so thanks if anyone is listening.

02/23/2012 09:49 AM
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Hi frankcee

Welcome to OCD support group. I so sorry to hear that you have suffering so much. I know OCD is very awful as 3 years ago I really suffer a lot from scrupulosity OCD. It's so bad that it actually affected my daily life. Going to toilet is also a scary thing to do. The intrusive thoughts keep hunting me day and night. I was very anxious at that time as I didn't know anything about OCD. At that time I'm thinking of giving up. I thankful to my friend for recommending me to seek professional helps. With the professional helps I starts to see hope that I will get better. And I did feeling so much better now. Have you try seeking professional help?

Happy to know that you have 3 beautiful kids so pls don't give up. I'm also glad that you have reading thru the old post as there are lots of good advice, recommendation and encouragements that you will find very useful.

Wish everyday of yours are blessed!

With metta


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