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12/12/2011 07:02 PM

i have ocd

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Hi there,

My name is lauren and i have ocd. I mostly suffer from intrusive thoughts. These thoughts can be absolutely terrifying. I have had thoughts about harming those closest to me. At first it was all so confusing and scary. I thought i was losing my mind. The first few months of having these intrusive thoughts, i was physically ill and felt so guilty. I thought i must be turning into some kind of monster. This all began about a year ago. I didnt think i would ever get better. Now though i am finally feeling like my old self again. I have more good days then bad, but still have moments where the thoughts try to take over. I know that i will overcome these thoughts and that the feelings brought on by them will pass, but am taking my time and educating myself on this condition. I will never give up hope and i hope that anyone else that is experiencing the same thing, doesnt either!


12/13/2011 11:38 AM
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Namaste Lauren!

It is a pleasure to meet you! I can understand how you felt when first dealing with ocd. Like you I also have intrusive thoughts mainly. it is a spectrum of ocd known as pure o. when i first began dealing with the o i thought i was losing my mind, that i was turning into a monster. the difficulty of almost any spectrum of ocd is our tendancy to think a thought is almost as bad as an action. but a thought is a thought nothing more. ocd tends to make us fear what we are least likely to do. I am very pleased to hear that you are feeling like your old self again. you will have more good days than bad days but even when you have a bad day there is always something to gain from it. the o can suck at times. but even though it is a double edged sword, causing you to fear things you are least likely to do, it also helps you learn more about you. you learn the strengths you do have, the light you carry within you. you meet yourself. that is something that most people never do.

The best advice i can give is don't try to overcome the thoughts. everyone has intrusive thoughts. even those without ocd. the key is not to overcome the thoughts. the key is to simply let them be, to not react to them. i know easier said than done. but that is key. when you realize ok this is just an intrusive thought and nothing more, you can retain your own power over the ocd and not let it overpower you. be secure in who you are. and know that a thought is just a thought. I am working on a new treatment method for myself where i am learning to be comfortable with uncertanity. it can suck at times but it does help. meditation does as well. I love your attitute! never give up! never surrender! it does get better in time. but remember, there is never a time frame involved. we all heal in our own time, progress in our own time. so when you do encounter bad days, please do not be hard on yourself. healing takes time and always expect when taking two steps forward you make take a step back. it is still progress and very much a part of recovery. this group has been a tremendous help to me. i am not at all sure where i would be if i had not found this group. i would quite possibly still be worried all the time and still homebound.

Welcome to the group! you will find a lot of support here!



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12/14/2011 07:45 AM
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Hi lbur20

like you i also have intrusive thoughts. I'm still trying not to give attention to the intrusive thoughts. After the meditation session today, i feel so much better. I think i really need to pick up meditation again as it really helps. =) Wish everyday of yours is a peaceful day! =)

with metta


12/16/2011 05:44 PM

hi i too have had/have intrusive thought too at times. it is scarey. i hate to even talk about it. i am sure you understand what i am saying. there just thoughts-they won't hurt us. that is what i was told in therepy yrs ago. it helped/helps. they come they go. you are not alone. and know we will not give up hope/ it does get better. it has for me with meds and therepy and facing my fears.

05/17/2012 09:30 PM
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i am also a fighter of ocd i suffer from primarily obessional ocd aka intrusive thoughts and educated myself so much on my disorder mine really hit me in my 2nd pregnancy and i thought i was going to end my own life.. im here and better.. ocd will always be in your life you just have to put it in its place!

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