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12/23/2008 06:15 PM

Could I have OCD?

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So for the past few months I have noticed that I've started cleaning shopping carts every single time we went anywhere. And lately I've been washing my hands more and more, I would be sitting down and have the sudden urge to put some hand sanitizer on. When my hands touch the floor of any place I think I can feel germs crawling on my hands, so I run to the kitchen and immediately start scrubbing at my hands. I've had horribly violent day dreams (I'm told this is a symptom?) and constant anxiety attacks for no reason. I'm deathly afraid of failing, I shut myself in my room for hours if I do fail at anything. I'm obssessed with cleaning yet my room is so crowed with things I don't need or use, but am too afraid to get rid of in case I need them in the future. I was just wondering, is this OCD? All the website I've been to led me to believe that this was OCD. If it is, how do I go about telling my parents? I've never been much one to express my feelings to them. Any advice? Dizzy

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12/23/2008 11:51 PM
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It sounds like it to me, I do alot of the same things, "germs" make me crazy. Just be open and honest about it to them. Good luck and im here if u need to talk!

12/30/2008 02:33 AM

I asked my friend if she washes her hands alot and she was telling me it was a reason why her hands were so chapped. it didnt dawn on me that maybe part of her chapped hands was from washing them alot or takign so many showers. She was always telling me she gets chapped hands in the winter but then I asked her if she washes her hands alot. on her thumb she had a very deep wound from a crack so bad and now I think it pretty much sums up why her hands are so badly cracked. it did heal after she started to use vaseline on it but from what she told me she is constantly washing her hands or taking a shower. please dont be afraid of failing. You are a very unique person and we they say never give up just keep on trying. You do sound like you do have ocd from what you do explain. The constant anxiety attacks you are experincing are a reason and it seems it is related to ocd. ocd comes with anxiety attacks. please hang in there and dont give up. we are thinking very much of you.

12/31/2008 02:12 AM
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It is very common for me to go through 3-4 shopping carts, before i find a suitable one. Sometimes more. Same goes with the baskets, in the supermarket, and that can get even more ridiculous, since they are smaler and stacked. Right now, I'm in one of those phases, where I wash my hands with rubbing alchohol, a few times a day.

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