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02/17/2011 01:37 PM


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02/17/2011 01:52 PM
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Hey strongheart, I'm sorry to hear about your habit. I think it could be ocd related, but I'm no expert. I know I constantly pick at my face, like whenever I have acne. When I was younger I was obsessed with it and spent forever in the washroom. I stil do and I know I spend way too much time examing my skin. I think you should try to stop or else you could get infections. I know how hard it is to stop, but with me I realized I was making my skin worse and making scars.

02/17/2011 05:07 PM

Hi strongheart, It is also nice to have you in the group. It sounds like you probably have a condition known as dermatillamania. Have you ever been diagnosed with this particuliar disorder? Dermatillamania is ocd related, just as triccotillomania (hair pulling) is also related. As lorelie mentioned stopping is easier said than done. I struggled with triccotillomania for many years, so I can relate, and I still have he urge to pull my hair out. It is also very much like nail biting, because the more anxious a person is, then the more they bite their nails, just like you pick and scratch your skin instead. I wish I knew of an easy solution, but I don't. i know you probably feel like tying your hands where you wouldn't be able to do this, however, I do know of some self help web sites concerning this that you may find helpful, and I'll send you those links in a private meassage, and hopefully you will find them beneficial.



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