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10/21/2011 05:29 PM

what is this?(page 2)

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My friend had trichotillomania in high school and was prescribed Prozac with some success. Perhaps it would work for these other compulsive conditions...

10/21/2011 05:48 PM
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N-acetylcysteine or "NAC," has been tested and proven to help with trich, so it seems plausible that it might help CSP, also. This is an amino acid that is thought to help modulate excess brain glutamate which is thought to potentially be behind some anxiety and compulsive disorders. It's available over the counter at health food stores and vitamin stores. My son has been taking it for about two years now, and it has helped his OCD. Following is a link discussing the NAC/trich study and its results. There are also two ongoing trials with it right now at Yale/NIMH tracking its impact on both adult and pediatric OCD. If you Google "NAC and OCD," you can view the trial docs that detail the specifics, dosages, etc.

Good luck!

02/04/2012 03:13 AM
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Hi, I am new here and just found this thread. I was looking in the onychophagia group thinking it would help me find other compulsive skin pickers and biters (dermatillomania and dermatophagia). Dermatophagia is my main problem, but it usually starts with picking my fingers, then biting my nails and finally, biting my skin until it it ripped open and bleeding.

I have gone through phases where I am ok for a while and it all heals up, and I go to the salon and get manicures to keep my hands looking pretty so I don't do it, but then something triggers it and I start going nuts on my fingers again!

It is so painful but I just can't stop no matter what I do. I put stuff on my fingers but I just get used to the taste, or I put bandaids on but then every time I wash my hands I have to re-do it aand i just end up saying "screw it".

I also find myself picking my face sometimes, not as bad as my fingers, but it's not attractive and now I have little scars all over my chin from every blemish that I have squeezed and picked until it's a scab. Yuck.

I hate it and I wish i could stop but no matter how hard I try it just overpowers me. I'm so tired of feeling embarassed by my hands and having everyone stare at them. At least it's winter right now and i can wear gloves but not for long... and then what?

02/06/2012 07:14 PM
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hi there!!!.. well skin picking, trichotillomania, and onychophagia. have all been related to OCD. ( i'm not saying that if you have OCD you're bound to have one of these.. or the other way around) .. but it's a rather common feature in a person suffering from anxiety. in my case, sometimes when i feel the anxiety kick in, i can't help to pick my scabs. it's a compulsive behavior, and one of its treatments is cognitive behavior therapy, avoidance and substitution techniques.

i'm trying on CBT and avoidance! and it's working!! you're welcome to pick your choice Wink's a link you all could be interested in :

Good Luck Smile


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