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09/19/2010 04:43 PM

Welcome From new Group Leader

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Welcome to the group for everyone, ok we are a small group and although i hope to see the group grow, we are a family unit that is small and will grow, Today 19th September 2010 i became the new Group Leader, i am not here to tell you how to do anything or what to do, i also am not a doctor of any kind, what i know about Nystagmus i have found out by reading up on it, my 15yr old son has had it from birth, he has multiple disablities and other sight issues, he is blind, he does have tiny amount of sight but not very much, so we all in this group will be learning together, the children with it learn their own way to deal with the loss of sight, but most of them have never had it any other way, (I myself have severe sight loss, I am legally Blind, i do have some sight but not great deal, I am waiting for my first Guide Dog)As we are in different countries as well, if some one posts something and you are not sure what it means please ask, i personally will do everything possible to ensure that everyone of you gets the maximum use from this group, MDJ has over 600 support groups and still growing, those support groups have Group Leaders who like me have a link within the group, but we are not professionals, feel free to message me anytime, and because we are in different countries there is a time difference, but i will answer any questions within 24hrs thats a promise, (unless i am ill, in hospital or on vacation or such like)... once again WELCOME TO THE GROUP

SylviaTongue Wink


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