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10/11/2011 10:59 AM

Nonmedicinal therapies?

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Anyone working through NES without any medications or supplements and if so, what are you doing? Thanks!

10/11/2011 12:29 PM
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I am working through it without anything.... frankly I don't really think that anything will help me in the long term... maybe a quick fix but eventually I will have to stop right?

There are tons of posts with advice as to what works and what doesn't. What I have found to work consistently is 1) eat enough during the day and esp breakfast 2) keep a snack or two by your bed with water for when you get up 3) limit alcohol 4) dont overexercise

The biggest challenge is staying out of the kitchen at night for almost everyone.... so if you need to enlist the help of a loved one or write things down in the middle of the night or rid of the foods you crave most, do it!

but expect to work thru this slowly... anyone who hsa suffered long enough goes thru a very slow process in overcoming it- dont get discouraged though and you may find this forum is actually great for venting or helpful tips

10/11/2011 01:03 PM
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I really dont think meds will work. I think Ripa is right in saying they are a quick fix. My dad takes Lexapro and has NES. Initially, it helped, but after awhile he was right back where he started only with medication pulsing through his body.

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