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01/04/2012 10:36 AM

So depressed, advice would be helpful!!

BlueeyesALPosts: 21

I'm having a very hard time transitioning to living with my boyfriend. We have been together for 9 months now and since month 2 he has been asking me to live with him. He even has a second bedroom I can stay in when I'm not able to sleep well. My night eating prevents me from staying there and it's really hurting our relationship. I have severe insomnia so I have to take 3 mg (3- 1 mg pills) of Clonopin every night, as well as benedryl, melatonin, and Restoril or another sleep RX. I know that it makes me loopy and more likely to have less control over what I eat, but if i don't take it, I simply don't sleep. If i do fall asleep without the meds, the sleep is so light that I literally feel sick the next day.

I'm also very embarrassed in the morning because I wake up with food on me and on my sheets and pillow cases EVERY DAY. I have to wash his sheets when I stay at his place. He is understanding of my condition but it is still very embarrassing.

What I need is to learn how to eat LESS during the night. Not rid the NES all together, but not get up every hour or two and consume over 2000 calories every night. If i could get to under 1000 calories I would be happy. I feel like I have to be "full" to fall back asleep.

Oh how I wish there was a treatment center for this... I'm desperate!!!

Also, I really really need a chat buddy I can talk to about this. If anyone lives in the US and has texting available on their cell phone, or is willing to be an email buddy please let me know. It's a struggle getting through this without people to talk to about it.



01/04/2012 12:51 PM
Posts: 2716
Group Leader

Oh Blue eyes I am sorry! I forgot you wanted to chat! I am so willing to do that! I have so much going on that alot of things tend to escape me!

You really probaby should get off all the meds and give sober living a few months. Cut out all caffiene and eat breakfast lunch and dinner. I think then you will be able to get under a thousand.

I think alot of the problem with the NES is feeling like you are not capable of going through the night without eating. Trust me when I say, we are ALL capable. It is not easy. It takes alot of focus. But you ARE capable. Not a doubt in my mind!

01/07/2012 06:01 AM
Posts: 138

I also cannot sleep without sleep aids. In my case OTC sleep aids take the edge off enough. I agree with rawraider. If I cut out caffeine, my problem would prob be less. I just absolutely love flippin coffee though. I have kicked so many bad habits, it's a shame I need to exert so much effort to just me normal LOL.

I wish I had some good advise for you, but I'm doing terrible right now with it. I still think finding something to inspire you is key. Problem I discovered is once you find inspiration, you need to continue to raise the bar. That in itself can become a problem.

My best advise is to keep trying, stay positive and your not alone.

01/10/2012 05:43 AM
Posts: 90

I have been on sleep aids for a few years.. Lunesta and Ambien CR (not at same time), they both help..but not enough to really make a dent in my NES. I'm still up every 1.5 to 2 hours.. I've been lucky enough that I am not addicted to the sleep meds like many, I don't know why.. I've experimented and I do better without them, when I was taking them, I didn't take them every night.. I took them only when I had to be up early and never on the weekends, so maybe that's why I didn't become dependent on them. I get the depression, and it's so disheartening to hear my doctor tell me that could be problem?? UM NO.. I'm depressed because all the healthy things I do during day are being undone at night and I need to f'g sleep!! He put me in ONE sleep study about 7 months ago.. get this.. there was no place for me to get anything to eat but I still work up same as always and he says it's a sleep disorder of behavioral nature.. <sigh> they just don't get it. I also went to a therapist who told me this was an eating disorder (I have two sisters in recovery from bulemia) but I never had a weight issue until just few years ago.. I never thought myself fat or felt need to find comfort in food.. I HoNESTLY do not know why i need to eat and have NO control i middle of night.. I just know I wake up HUNGRY. the most frustrating part of this is that the professionals don't even know where it comes from, or how to treat it. Sad

01/10/2012 11:56 AM
Posts: 683

Blueeyes I would totally text with you only I do not live in the US.

I have found though that breakfast and eating throughout the day has really helped me. I putit off for so long because I was starving myself to counter what I ate the night before, and really the cycle just continued.

Also, I eat less when I am with someone - when my bf is out for the night I tend to get up because I think that nobody is there to watch me. Having him there actually helps me to stay in bed or be so quiet that opening wrappers and stuff is too much. He holds me accountable and when he calls me out, its like a fresh bout of motivation (after I suck up the embarassment).

It sounds like you could lean on your bf a bit more and get him to "pep" talk you before bed. Do you at least lay out snacks by your bed? I found that in the beginning stages of really battling this, that helped the most.


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