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07/25/2010 05:32 PM

So glad to have found a support group

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I was dianosed with NF1 5 years ago, although it has caused problems all my life. I am 59 yrs old single and live alone. Would love to talk to others who are going through the daily trials of this.

I have had 5 Schawanomma tumors removed. I try not to take alot of drugs. I take vicodin (Norco) and Lexapro other than that I try to deal with the pain. I hav had a Neuro stimulator implanted in my back it helps with the horrible pain in my legs. I invite anyone to email me. Cool


07/25/2010 10:57 PM
coco76Posts: 97

Dear amoment4,

Welcome to MDJunction, I am Coco one of the moderators. You sound very couragous and strong. Keep up that attitude and that will help you get through the tough part(s) of NF-problems.

There are also two other sites that you can find support with.

(and) group/Neurofibromatosis

There is also an NF chat room, it is hard to get in but keep trying. I'm coco in that room. The people in that room are so amazing and caring.

Best to you,



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