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03/18/2012 07:39 AM


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As many now know, this ONS treatment seems to make miracles. Comments made are always positive and has made NDPH pains go away ! I am not negative but as it is with some medications, it works on some to certain degree and I am questionning as to the general results of ONS. If any know of cases that did not bring the expected relief or has experienced serious side effects, I would greatly appreciate a feedback on it. I am to ask my neurologist on the 27th for ONS implant. My case is evident: over 11 years with NDPH, over 120 different med. multiple tests and exams, all within the same Montreal hospital institutes in Quebec, Canada. I would like to feel really trustful with ONS. Thank you and have a great day, the best it can be. Michel.

03/18/2012 10:27 AM
tortoisegirlPosts: 3364
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Hi there! Glad to see back here. Yes I have heard of quite a few folks who haven't got relief from an ONS who have NDPH. The traditional procedure where they only put the leads in the back won't work for many with just NDPH. If you have ON there is a much better chance of course. However, the newer procedure where they add front leads will attack more types of headaches and I have been reading there is an 80% chance of significant success (often 80-100% relief).

If it were me, I would trial it, but honestly I don't think the one without the front leads would have much chance to help. You could go through a lot of cost and trouble. Few are adding those leads though (see Reed Procedure, although a few others do it as well). They actually tried to get FDA approval for this for headache (several companies have done trials) and the results weren't so good. For those who have tried everything else, you might as well try it.

I'd just really try to find someone who does the front leads, as that has an oh so much better chance of success (I am looking into this but can't currently due to the doctor being out of network so I have no insurance coverage...if they would even cover it to begin with). I'd also look for one with a lot of experience in these (dozens of implants), as technique has a lot to do with success. There is also an almost 100% of revision surgery needed (in addition to battery replacement down the road).

There is also occipital nerve decompression surgery. They start with a back surgery and then do a second procedure on the front if needed. Has this neuro told you they do the procedure? A lot of them don' may need to see a neurosurgeon. You also might as well try the ON block first (just because its cheaper and less invasive...the results however don't relate to the ONS). Best wishes.


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