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02/16/2012 05:31 PM

Topical analgesic recommendations?

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Does anyone use topical analgesics to try and numb some of their head pain? Can you recommend one? I have used salonpas which actually works and is soothing but it clearly states on the packaging not to use on your head! Smile

02/20/2012 07:37 AM
KierkegrrlPosts: 42
New Member

In a burst of desperation, I tried to relive my tense neck muscles with a capsaicin-based cream. Ouch. I preferred the dull aching I started with to the "omigod my neck is on fire" sensation.

02/20/2012 07:15 PM
tortoisegirlPosts: 3242
Group Leader

Honestly I haven't heard of anyone having success with those with headache, or at least not any lasting relief. Maybe if you have muscle tension in your neck which makes your head hurt worse some icy hot or something could help, but so could a lot of stuff--massage, pt, ice, heat, etc. I think they will all say not to use on your head, so if you've used it and it helped, ask your doctor/pharmacist if the main intention is just to keep it away from your eyes? I once got some sample Lidocaine patches but the spots I wanted to stick them have hair lol (I guess I could have cut them into weird shapes right along my hairline though, but some can't be cut due to having gel, so I wasn't sure). Best wishes.

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