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01/27/2009 05:29 PM

New Neurologist?

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As usual I am looking for information. We went to the neuro today to discuss Sarah's diagnosis of Abdominal Migraines. He felt like she was too old for that but her symptoms fit. He felt like it was time to consider a top of the line pediatric neuro and he first recommended Dr. Steven Linder in Dallas and his second choice was Dr. Diana Lebron at Texas Children's. Anybody know anything about these. I know one thing, I am going to try to give every set of doctor's notes I can from everyone we have seen before we go this time. We love our neuro now and I hate to leave him but I like a doctor who says it may be time to move on.

Final question - He suggested seeing a Psychiatrist too. How many of you have heard the same thing? Does it help or not?

I always enjoy hearing from my online friends who truly understand what we are going through.



01/27/2009 06:28 PM
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I have to respect a doctor who tells you when it would be better to move to someone more knowledgeable/experienced. I don't know anything about pediatric neuros so I can't recommend (though I have read Dr. Linder's name before...either someone on here goes to him or he published something I read).

About the psychiatrist. No one has actually suggested it to me yet (though my former GP may have written who knows what in my file...he was making some very weird comments to me).

If your daughter seems to be getting depression or anxiety symptoms it can be helpful, in some cases it is helpful (if you can find a psychiatrist used to working with people in pain) to establish that her mental health is ok and that her symptoms are in fact a physical problem, though it doesn't sound like anyone is questioning that in your daughter's case.

In the case of a child particularly they may also like to have one working on the case so that someone more experienced in using psychoactive drugs is supervising that part. Antidepressants for instance are commonly used for headaches (in adults), but I would not want just any doctor prescribing them for my child/teen (if I had a child that is) because they can be tricky and some kids have really bad reactions. I would want someone who knows EXACTLY what they are doing and that I can call if I saw something going wrong.

01/27/2009 06:37 PM
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Thanks for your response. I am going to start working on trying to get in with the Dr. Lebron tomorrow as she is much closer. Thanks also for the advice on the Psychiatrist. Sarah is really worried about being labeled as "it is all in her head" and I understand that. I appreciate the thoughts you gave me on that and I will do some praying over this part of it. I will keep you posted on how we do.



01/27/2009 08:17 PM
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Early on, Lisa was put on Effexor by her neurologist because it supposedly helped reduce chronic pain. I always looked at it also as a preventative for depression. Lisa never had really showed any classic symptoms of depression but she was not very happy at having her whole life turned upside down and being in constant pain!

Later, a pain management doctor at Texas Childrens suggested that she maybe get on a stronger antidepressant, so she could deal with her pain better and maybe focus on it less. Otherwise, he said she would be caught in a viscous cycle. He said that psychiatrists were the best ones to know the right drug to prescribe for the patient. This really helped us get over the stigma of going to a psychiatrist. We had balked so before at anyone who had the audacity to suggest that the headache had any psychological aspect.

The psychiatrist was very helpful in other aspects besides dealing with pain. She helped us find the right dosage of Cymbalta that addressed both chronic pain and Lisa's fibromyalgia. She also tried to help us find a sleep medication that would work for her.

But whatever you do, don't just pick a name off of an insurance list. Ask around and find a doctor or friend who can recommend someone.

01/28/2009 08:27 AM
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A lot of the drugs are used for several different things.

Such as Topamax that's used for anxiety and also epilepsy

Neurontin used for pain and epilepsy,Bi-polar Lyrica epilepsy-Bi polar

most epilepsy drugs are used for anti depressants.


01/29/2009 12:29 PM
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Dr. Linder is my daughter's pedi/neuro/headache specialist!!! He is great!!! VERY smart and well-respected in the headache community!!! We feel very blessed to be w/him.

We did have a psychologist see our daughter while she was hospitalized for the 3rd time (*1st w/Linder) and he changed her Elavil to Celexa which has been great!!!

I PM'd you w/phone numbers to call me.

Best of luck!!

Dr.Linder is great with kids!!! He is very smart. He is retiring in 3 yrs. so we are hopeful to cure by then!!!



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