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02/25/2010 05:59 PM

90% Better

PlaceboPosts: 297

if any of you remember me, I was sick with NDPH for 7 years and I tried everything and didn't think I was going to get better, then I tried lyme disease treatment and now I'm almost completely better and doing better and better every day. I went to a lyme specialist. I called the lyme disease association and asked for a dr. in my state and they told me. I had lyme tests but all came back negative. I don't know why, but the dr. said lyme was too hard to test for, but he believed I had it anyway, bases on my medical history and symptoms, and prescribed me 500 mg oral zithromax a day. For the first 3 months there were no results, then in the 4th month on the zithromax I felt probably 5 times worse than I had before, and the dr. said that was because the disease was dying off and filtering out of my system. Anyway, after a horrible month I began rapidly getting better and by the 6th month on the zithromax I was practically cured. I've only been on it a little over 6 months total, but every week that goes by I notice I'm better and better. I'm also on 90 mg of Cymbalta which treats depression and migraines, and I'm on a high dose of the vitamin B-12. I spent 7 years trying everything though, and this is the only thing that's worked, and I only did it because I had read of people getting better this way, and I talked to a lot of them and they had tried everything too and this was the only thing that I've seen work for anyone. So I hope more people here try this and if it works I'd love for you to email me and let me know because I know how hard it is to live with NDPH and I'd love to hear all the success stories I can. If anyone ever wants to talk just message me.

02/25/2010 07:17 PM
Posts: 4122
Group Leader

Thanks for updating us! I am so glad to hear that something finally worked for you and you are getting some good results at last! That is really really exciting.

02/25/2010 08:00 PM
EnbeePosts: 1556
Senior Member

Hi Placebo,

I'm so glad you are much better! I do remember you saying that you were going to try the Lyme treatment. It's great that it is working for you. I hope you continue to improve. Thanks for coming in and updating.


03/06/2010 07:31 PM
Posts: 442

YEAH ... thanks for spreading the word. Have wondered what all came of it. I'm soooo glad to hear you stuck it out and didn't give up that you weren't getting quick results.

Zithro orally crossed the blood brain barrier, but it needs to be high doses and continueous to work. I'm so happy you stuck with it. Now remember, don't stop short. Keep your abx's on going for at least a year, stopping too soon will bring it all back.

Gosh...this made my evening reading this. Keep me posted.

See all ------ I'm not the lyme dx pusher here... This is just another person on this forum that went after the lyme dx, stayed committed and is seeing results and living pain free/pain reduced life ...


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