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07/13/2013 07:28 AM

transcranial magnetic stimulation (tms/ rTMS)

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Anyone has experience with this? My neuro suggested to try this after my insurance denied to cover an iv inpatient treatment. ( damn insurances, took them 3 months).

I actually never heard of this and read that it's used for depression, psychiatric disorders, tinnitus , migraine and a few other things. Well I don't have migraine is the first thing thst comes to my mind, but then again most of us here don't have migraine and for now we have to rely on migraine treatments.

Hope I can go to London soon and finally try something again, but was curious if anybody heard of this/ has experience with it.


07/13/2013 10:51 AM
tortoisegirlPosts: 3237
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Interesting. I think I might have heard of it before, but no, I don't have any experience with it. Has your neuro got insurance to approve this? It only seems to be approved for depression (US and UK). Might the insurance approve outpatient IV treatments?

I found this article: stimulation-a-breakthrough-treatment-for-migraine-relief/

When trying to get specialty treatments approved, I think the best chance of success is going with a big name clinic with experience getting approval for the procedure. I don't spend any significant money/effort on treatments that don't have evidence of being likely to help. Best wishes.

07/14/2013 03:23 PM
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My insurance didn't aprove for inpatient iv-treatment because they only cover treatments abbroad if they are also available and covered here. Well turned out that it simply isn't done here, they don't do it, it doesn't exist here. I can't believe I live in a ''rich and developed'' country and care for example headache is so poor. And besides that I think that's a ridicules argument, because why would I go to another country if the care was available here. So I'm guessing if they won't cover inpatient iv they won't cover oupatient iv, because that is also not done here.

I think you're right about doing new specialty treatments, it's important to do those in a big name clinic or a big name doctor. I'm under the care of prof. Goadsby right now so that should be ok. I'm fighting the insurance decision and will look into other insurance company but that's gonna take time. I think for now the best thing for me to do is to give this a try.


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