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04/22/2008 05:45 PM


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I want to share a very funny story with everyone. Laughing I am the director of a preschool. Today one of the little girls stuck her arm in the carriage of the VCR where the movie is inserted. I am not sure if her arm got stuck or if she curled her fingers around something and did not realize she needed to turn loose. Well, the next thing I know, she is screaming and bouncing the VCR up and down still attached to her arm. Well, I began trying to get her arm out. I pulled and pulled and finally it turned loose. She ended up with scratches on her arm and will probably have my finger prints on her arm where I was pulling so hard. Now most people may say that the story is not funny. Here is the funny part. When the child's mother arrived, the little girl had to tell her mom what happened. The mother was very rude and said that she had trouble believing that her child would do something like that. The little girl, who has always been a drama queen, had to act out the whole scenario. Well, as she was telling the story, she stuck her arm back in the VCR to act out the incident, and got it stuck again. I wish her and the mother a good day and went back to my office!!!Devil Devil For all I know, she may still be hanging in the VCR. LOL!!!!!

08/20/2008 01:45 PM
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Isn't it funny how it turns out that the children who do things like that , there parents thinks there children are perfect angels. As a parent of 3 boys let me tell you there are no prefect children. Except the very first day the are born then something happens and only god knows where it went. LOL

07/23/2009 01:42 AM
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Son has long hair..When hes having cataplexy problems weather hes sitting with his head down or laying on the ground people are always asking is she ok- does she need help..While hes down he can hear everything. It gets him thinking maybe I should get my hair cut. After he comes to and gets up people realize its a he not a she.

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