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  "I have struggled with suicidal thoughts at various times in my life, but there i..." (zomgzoe)

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MissNikkiAnn"When you have an illness with the name "Non-Familial Dysautonomia" (a name that most people, and even doctors, have never heard of), you need a network
of people who understand the name and the symptoms/issues that come with it.
MDJunction led me to that network of people during a very confusing and sickly time. For this I am thankful. And for this reason I try my best to give back to other members the same care and help that I received through MDJunction.
" (MissNikkiAnn)

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A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Narcolepsy, together.
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    New in this group 1asmith
05/08/2012 11:56 AM
by JeepinMom
    My wife has narcolepsy 0Mbh13
04/23/2012 10:57 AM
by Mbh13
    Narcolepsy and CDL license / Natural Remedies 0thnxlrd
04/22/2012 07:37 AM
by thnxlrd
    Getting so tired 0nekomeme
04/18/2012 11:51 PM
by nekomeme
    Help Prove that Narcolepsy is NOT A JOKE!! 1Waterbender
04/07/2012 11:14 PM
by Waterbender
    Could it be? 1Bananers
03/27/2012 10:37 AM
by IcemanXX86
    Ridiculed at work 3IcemanXX86
03/27/2012 03:45 AM
by ttupper79
    Xyrem 1sonylisa73
03/26/2012 06:18 AM
by ttupper79
    Provigil vs Nuvigil vs ? 0zzz
03/07/2012 08:30 PM
by zzz
    Really Confused 5zzz
03/07/2012 02:54 PM
by mikkimom
    frustration 2bealeve
03/07/2012 02:42 PM
by mikkimom
    Wife at wits end... Help! 7Beth84
02/22/2012 05:49 AM
by 2tiredmom
    I'M IRATE!!!!!! 3crz49
02/20/2012 06:41 PM
by sleepytexan
    Hi, I just found this group 3bridgielynn
02/20/2012 11:57 AM
by sleepytexan
    NEW TOPIC..."GOOD" DAYS???? 8crz49
02/19/2012 08:53 AM
by crz49
    Hey 1SleepyBoyf
02/17/2012 03:14 PM
by sleepytexan
02/16/2012 06:24 PM
by crz49
    New with narcolepsy 0Tallgirl
02/14/2012 04:59 PM
by Tallgirl
    Hi everyone! New to the group :) 11whitney037
02/08/2012 12:01 PM
by StephSteph
    Girlfriend of Narcoleptic 4Unsure13
02/05/2012 06:54 PM
by xtophr
    Narcolepsy? No way! Really???? 8notlazy
02/01/2012 08:35 PM
by notlazy
    hi im new - need a friend pleeeeez! 8StephSteph
01/26/2012 12:15 AM
by sleepytexan
    I don't know what i have, possible Narcolepsy? 1Yetteh
01/19/2012 07:06 PM
by sleepytexan
    I need some feedback and advice 0nosom
01/15/2012 11:17 PM
by nosom
    How to make a living when you have narcolepsy? 6peachesL
01/13/2012 07:24 AM
by peachesL
    Tips for Insurance for Narcolepsy 2jillber
01/12/2012 10:39 PM
by catlpalm
    frustrated with partner 1jasmine1981
01/08/2012 06:14 PM
by narcotd
    Sleeping at the Wheel 0scooby64
01/06/2012 08:40 AM
by scooby64
    Headaches and narcolepsy/idiopathic hypersomnia 1aabbcc
01/04/2012 01:28 AM
by S1234
    Suffer from insomnia with narcolepsy? 5smd
12/13/2011 12:34 AM
by barockhill
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