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04/09/2008 12:01 AM


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I was diagnosed with narcolepsy around 6 months ago and have been on provigil ever since. I have noticed it has become increasingly hard to stop myself from drifting into sleep or paralysis, daily activities are normally fine, but anything that is continuous and lasts over an hour or two kills me. On my way home the other day I started feeling drowsy which was unusual because I was drinking an energy drink and I had also taken my provigil that day. I switched into the right lane preparing to exit because I was almost home. The next thing I remember is kinda going cross eyed for a second and then trying to move the steering wheel (unsuccessfully) and hitting the back of an off duty cop's truck. This was the first time I have had sleep paralysis in the 6 months I have been on provigil and I was just wondering if Provigil is supposed to stop sleep paralysis?

10/09/2008 02:40 PM
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Don't know if you are still following this, but , no, I don't believe Provigil could do anything for that. What you are talking about sounds like cataplexy to me. Are you taking anything for that? Usually they give antidepressants or Xyrem for that, I think. Don't know off hand what else, but I'd think that would help with sleep paralysis, too. Xyrem does, anyway.

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04/10/2009 07:33 PM
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Provigil is just like a prescription caffiene pill. It wouldnt help the symptoms of that nature. I have been having problems with sleepiness like that and passing out so I havent driven myself since Jan of last year. It is very hard to accept but I couldnt live with myself if I injured or killed someone. Luckily in my situation I have my husband home during the days to get me to appointments and anywhere else I need to go so I am not completely stuck. I hope you get your meds in order so you dont have to stop driving also. I just had my second sleep study last Saturday so I am hoping to get mine in order.

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