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05/07/2010 07:59 PM

I cant afford my meds.

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05/08/2010 08:36 AM
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05/12/2010 09:50 AM
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Welcome to the group! There are assistance programs you may even have some local. Here is a link for one I havent tried it but some other members have so you could at least check it out and see if its useful to you. Good Luck and Keep posting. Wink

06/07/2010 10:04 PM
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call the cephalon company.. i did and they have a program called cephalon cares and will pay for your meds for a yr... i just went through this and am applying now... its really simple and they said it only takes a few weeks. they will also give u a website to get a month of free nuvigil if u need while u are waiting

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