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02/28/2009 08:21 AM


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Hi my name is april and I have had the diagnosis of fibromyalgia for several years but now my doctor wants me to get tested for MG. I chickend out of the test at the last minute because I got afraid. I was afraid it would hurt,electric stimulation? Oww. Plus afraid of getting a diagnosis. Well now I am having trouble swallowing. I gag on bread and that never has happened before. Food seems to go to the back of my throat too quickly or I dont swallow quick enough or something and then I need water to get it down. I cant eat an apple either anymore. I was wondering if muscle pain is a symptom of MG. I have so many aches and pains and I thought MG was weakness. If I go up the stairs without stopping for breaks I get tremendous fatigue and muscle spasms in my stomach and sides that knock the breath out of me and my heart races so bad.Are muscle spasms part of MG to? I want to believbe this is just fibromyalgia but I think I am going to have to go get that testing done now cause of my swallowing difficulty. Does MG cause muscle pain and severe aches as well as the weakness. I can barely walk around the store anymore. April

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02/28/2009 11:04 PM
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Hello, April and welcome to our forum!

I can identify to a degree regarding the fibro: my daughter is diagnosed with it. I've seen her in pain on her bad days. Lyrica used to work for her, but not so much anymore. However, she has recently been diagnosed with Graves' disease, which can also cause muscle pain.

My diagnosis for MG was made in 1999. There is a burning sensation in the muscles when they are weakened and pushed beyond the limits of MG. I call it "lactic acid burn," because that's what it is. This pain is comparable to exercising beyond the body's tolerance; or better put, like holding something up with your arms well beyond what is normal and then feeling that burn, only worse. Other than that, pain is not a symptom of MG--again, other than what is described above.

MG's hallmark physical symptom is muscle weakness, like many other neuromuscular diseases. A diagnosis is not possible by anyone other than a qualified neurologist; especially, a neuro who is well versed in MG (i.e. specialized training in MG). Opthalmalogists are often the first in the line of medical healthcare professionals to detect MG based on vision and "ptosis," or eyelid droop in one or both eyes.

As the muscles weaken and activity is not discontinued, fatigued muscles is the result. This type of weakness can be present in the jaw (chewing) and esophagus (swallowing), as well as the diaghram (breathing). This is most apparent in generalized weakness as opposed to ocular weakness.

My daughter's fibromyalgia becomes extremely painful when she's done activity that exacerbates fibro (i.e. heavy lifting and other activities not fibro-friendly. In some medical circles, fibromyalgia is considered a symptom, not a disease; and even questioned by medical pros as even a syndrome. However, it seems that those who do, infact, have fibromyalgia are vulnerable to some pretty intolerable pain.

You should see a qualified MG neuro to rule in or out the diagnosis of MG vs. other neuromuscular diseases with similar symptoms.

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03/01/2009 09:36 AM
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Thank you for your reply. The message therapist I went to a few times told me that fibro is a symptom. SHe said that when emotional trauma or loss is not worked through fully that the trauma pain (emotional) will manifest itself as physical pain untill it gets your attention.Because trauma is so intense it must be dealt with in layers as the mind can only handle a bit at a time to process and grieve ect. SO you go throgh stages and when you move on with your life and your body is ready for another layer of healing , sometimes we dont recognicze the need to reconnect with our pain cause it was so long ago so the body presents with symptoms of physical pain to get our attention. This was pretty deep. POn some level I think she could be right because I have been through trauma in my life and crying does seem to alleviate the intensity of my physical pain. But then I dont know. Trauma gets stuck in your body and you have to work it out she says. Anyhow, I do what she reccommends for me to do. I journal and I cry and I get back in touch with feelings but I think I have too much emotional bagage, I could be doing this for years. Id rather have a pill.

03/01/2009 11:02 AM
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I agree with Lynne, I have been diagnosed with MG for 13 months now and my symptoms came on faster then I realized what was really happening to me. I had the weakness in the legs walking 3 feet was a tough thing to do. Always having to rest.

With the swallowing issue...that was the most severe for me as it went on for months 3 to be exacat before MG was diagnosed. I was even choking on my own saliva. But eventually all is good now.

I don't have fibermialga or Lupus but do have alot of other autoimmune diseases. which I have been dealing with for 20 yrs. I'm 39 yrs old. But crying if that's what it takes to get you through the day then do it...I shut my self in my room for days crying and feeling sorry for my self when I was diagnoses with MG cause I couldn't handle the symptoms. But all that crying I did made me a stronger person and learned to deal with this disease....but believe me at time I too would just rather take a pill.

Stay strong educate yourself on this disease and fight it as hard as it maybe....end they end you will over come these symptoms


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