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03/17/2012 10:03 PM

Tips on being chemical free

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Hi everyone,

I don't know if we have a thread for tips that we as individuals have come across in our own lives to help us live chemical and scent free, so I thought I would start one and maybe this can go in the archives for reference.

I have been looking for additional ways of cleaning my hair without shampoo....I just tried this and my hair has no frizzy, no tangles, is soft and shiney even three days later I can wake up and comb through with my fingers...I have a lot of thick hair so this feels like magic to me.

I found it on a blog from simple mom who has been doing this for a couple of years so I thought I would try it.

In the shower or as you would normally wash your hair, baking soda in water...couple of tablespoons to a few cups of water in a container....rub it into the roots, massage your scalp, don't scrub, rinse.

White vinegar in water 1/4 cup to 4cups water....pour it over your hair pay special attention to the ends, let sit for a couple of minutes rinse.

The vinegar smell doesn't stay on your hair after rinsing. Feel free to adjust the amounts to suit you.

You can also use the above in the shower for topical odor cleansing like sweaty areas, armpits, feet, groin etc.

Please note....keep your eyes closed when using the vinegar...I forgot and opened them and got vinegar in my only stung for a bit then I was fine but I could have avoided it altogether if I had just kept them closed.

Be well....


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