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10/17/2009 01:37 PM

mrsa and surgery

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I had surgery September 23 and seem to be recovering without mrsa in the wound.

I was told I was a carrier and did not have an active infection.

My doc put me on some kind of sulpha drug for mrsa.

Has anyone else heard of using sulpha drugs for mrsa?




10/17/2009 02:24 PM
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Hello Melody I am glad your surgery went ok and that they don't think your active..Yes they use bactrum (which is sulph) alot of times for MRSA. I was thinking about you yesterday and wondering if the surgery went well and if you are alright. I am happy to see you back hun. Blessings be with you!

10/17/2009 10:38 PM

Hi, so glad your surgery went well and that your MRSA status at this time is "not active". Bactrim and a few other drugs are used in the treatment of staph but it is used only if the bug is sensitive to a test disc being placed in the culture plate and if the "bug" doesn't grow around the disc, then it will be effective against the "bug". Know what I mean? Hope it made sense. They do a C&S (Culture and Sensitivity) where they collect a specimen (sputum, mucus, nasal swab, swab of drainage from wound or from within a surgical site and rub it back and forth on a culture plate that has special "stuff" that certain things will grow on. Some things grow on "blood" plates, some on agar (seaweed) plates... and the discs are placed usually in two places on a plate. When the bugs grow, they will literally not grow around the discs and it looks like there is a ring around each disc between the sample and the disc. Kinda neat! I used to love doing lab work in college... microbiology. Grew all kinds of good (and bad stuff...) Fun to learn... Anyway, always be sure to get A HARD COPY of all lab tests and cultures that are run on you including initial and final reports on each of them .. You are entitled to them and they are vital to continuity of care for you, especially if you have to change physicians.

Ok, nuff from me. I ain't no scientist, just have many different experiences in school and life and nursing that have stuck with me and I keep up on all I can regarding me, my family, and my friends!

Hugs and love, my friends!

10/18/2009 06:43 AM


Bactrim is a common sulfa drug and often prescribed with other antibiotics. Many have allergic reactions about 10-12 days.

I had surgery on the 18th last month and still not healed. However, no infection. In Feb I tested positive for MRSA after hernia repair, with suspetability to Zyvox only. The drainage was clear with a bloody tinge, with 97 temp. My guess is you are in the clear, but still need to be vigilent.

In my opinion I healed alot faster before MRSA. The only suggestion is probiotics to re-establish your good bacteria after completing antibiotics. Avoid H1N1 as it appears secondary bacterial infections are being announced as complications, mostly pneumonia.


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