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02/24/2010 10:19 PM

hibiclens and showering question

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I finally got some of this stuff the other day and I'm wondering just how safe it really is to use over a 30 day period.

My doctor never said anything to me about decolonization, I only really heard about that on here and did it on my own. The bactoban stuff up the nose and thorough washings.

Could I mix it with my regular bath gel or would that destroy the usefulness of it? What about using it on my scalp and other slightly more sensitive areas. Getting mrsa THERE scares the absolute crap out of me. Blink



02/25/2010 04:39 AM
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Bovine: I have read some posts on here that indicate others have mixed the hibiclens with their regular bath gel. When my doc put me on the 30 day regimen, I put a few drops in my shampoo as well. Fair warning, the hibiclens gave me very very dry skin. I would like to welcome you to this group and will try to answer your questions if I can. I am new to this myself and am still researching ......

02/25/2010 12:16 PM
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Thank you rainydaze. I had come across some of the posts you talked about like that after I posted originally. I'm thinking I'll ask my doc to be certain about it when Icall them (again) about the culture today. Thankfully this spot has not gone insane like the others did. That might be from it just being mild this time or what I've done.

1. massive heat on it, enough to almost make me want to scream but it seems to have helped.

2. extra b12 vitamin supplements and vitamin c

3. started treating it VERY early - ie as soon as it actually turned red and started to swell.

I had been hoping it was just a weird itchy spot but sadly it wasn't.


02/25/2010 01:42 PM
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Hi bovine:

Do be careful with the Hibiclens near your eyes or ears, as the bottle warns. Elsewhere I have read that Hibiclens can have a residual protective effect, but only if it is the last soap or product to be used on that particular area. That sort of suggests that you could mix it with other products, but that it works better by itself.

Also, lotions or other moisturizers can wash away the residual effect, so you'd need to find things which would not conflict with it. I think you can 'google' it by looking for 'Hibiclens compatible' products.

Just a tip, we found it helpful to use Benadryl or even homeopathic ointment for hives (Sting Stop or similar) right away, along with first aid type topical treatments. If you can reduce the swelling immediately, the whole infection is milder and doesn't last as long....

Hope this helps...

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