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11/02/2010 02:12 PM

Please tell me How can I know I have Morgellons

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HI I have LYME, onemonth ago diagnosed. My Skin is itchy I have this itchyness since years , it comes and goes. I think I have lyme since one year. I read most of the people who had morgellons has Lyme. How can I know I have Moregellons. What are the initial symptoms and

and how long does it takes to see fibers or boils after initial symptoms.

Does everyone with LYME has Morgellons?????????

Please, Plese Help me


11/03/2010 08:03 AM
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Hi laxre. Welcome to the group. i am also a member of the lyme group. This group is very quiet here..I think most of active on other websites and just check in here every once in awhile.

I don't believe everyone with lyme has morgellons but that anyone can get morgellons at any time. If you have lyme then your immunity would be very low to something like morgellons or other parasites.

The itchiness is something that a lot of lyme patients have. When you start finding "things" in the itchy spots or start having soars that come up then you'd start thinking about morgellons.

From what I've read morgellons manifests in people differently depending on what type of parasites you have in your skin etc...Some people get a LOT of fibers where as others don't...but maybe once in a long while but have other little skin colored or variations in color little flesh eating parasites that love the hair follicles to hide in.

Sometimes these have little hair like things that come out of one end and can grow into what looks like a ball of lint as it cocoons up. I personally have found these types of things on myself.

Also I have chronic hives. It's a conglomerate of symptoms that would lead you to think morgellons on top of lyme etc...

If all you have is the itchiness at this point then I wouldn't automatically think morgellons. But if you find yourself digging into these itchy spots to find a little hardened piece of skin in the middle then that is something to cause pause.

I have seen threads come out of cysts when they opened up and always had a little parasite with them that looked like a little worm or wet noodle (angle hair pasta type of width) only about a quarter of an inch long or shorter.

But so many others have lots of threads...The biting and stinging sensation that you can not get relief from is a telltale sign.

Also MANY MANY have scalp symptoms with itching and even loss of hair.

If you have specific symptoms you would like to share along with the itching I'd be happy to listen.


11/09/2010 04:30 PM
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One symptom I always have now is what looks like a pimple starting. It itches immensely! It turns into a sore and does not heal properly. Right now, I am covered with the sores, head to ankles. It has started on my face (actually had one sore years ago but did not at that time know about morgellons). I have four-five sores with two being very noticable! Look like craters. My head is filled as are my legs, arms, back, buttocks,...I am a sexy babe. NOT! I get severe itching but sometimes none at all. I feel at times, sharp pricking around my ankles. Always thought I must have gotten bitten by a bug. I've found pieces of what looks like glass sticking out of my skin.

Anyway, I was told you can see the threads with a hand held microscope that you can purchase at RadioShack for around $16. I am now always checking all the sores within eye reach and those that I cannot, I sometimes pick the scabs to view. I am seeing my gp and over the phone with a dermatologist. We only have one dermatologist right now and he is overwhelmed so since I've been seen there, he tells the nurses what I should treat with.

I do wish you well. Any questions, feel free to PM me.

12/21/2010 06:09 AM
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Get yourself a hand-held microscope. They are about $12. You can pick them up at Radio Shack or online (amazon). Look at your skin. If you see fibers and black particles in your skin, I'd say you have Morgellons. Fibers are not normal. They have no place being in the skin. That is the defining symptom of this disease besides the obvious lesions. However, many people do not have lesions right away.

Not everyone who has Lyme gets Morgellons. You can have Morgellons and not have Lyme as well.

Most people experience biting/itching/crawling/stinging as their first symptoms. There is no timetable for getting lesions, everyone gets this differently. Personally I believe lesions come as a build-up of toxins in the system. Most that I've read about started with small rashes that came and went and only got lesions later on. It just makes sense that if you have the disease and go untreated for 10 years that it will progress with more serious consequences.

I'd recommend looking at diet right off the bat. Also, I keep posting here about

Listen to some of the audio recordings they've got. Broaden your education and learn what you can do to help yourself. If you are waiting for help from your regular doctor, then you'll be waiting a long time. There are doctors of Integrative Medicine helping people.

Here is a beginning link to diet and pH. 8_ph_and_diet_plus_ph_chart

Hope this helps.


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