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9529 worldwide Morgellons afflicted replied to this survey (Updated March, 2010)

65 %

were from USA

11 % were from CANADA

9 % were from EUROPE


5 % were from LATIN-AMERICA

3 % were from ASIA

1 % were from AFRICA

The results above do not show the true nature or number of all worldwide concerned.

This is only a compilation of all participants in this latest M-R-O questionaire and

it may change as we gather more information.


Ratio of gender

71 % female 29 % male

Youngest - oldest afflicted

Age: Youngest 3 months, oldest 94 years

How long had you have Morgellons?

Longest approx. 30 years

Where do you have possibly contracted Morgellons?

Soil, plant leaves, grass, new t-shirt, birds, bird-mites, dogs, cats, horses, cow, poultry, coats, wild rabbits, new couch, cotton, one-night stand, public telephone, from partner, insect bite, beach, hiking, hotelroom, motel, hay fields, hospital, outdoor festival, camping, family members, backyard dirt, shaking hands

Are you still working?

56 % answered YES

Did you spend many hours in nature or working in your garden? 71 % answered YES

Have you had direct contact with soil?

67 % answered YES

Do you notice that you now attract insects?

81 % answered YES

Did you had an insect infestation?

74 % answered YES

What kind of insect-, bug-, worm-like creature?

Moths, Knats, Fruit flies, Bug-like, Mites, Bird mites, Fleas, Lice, Mosquitos, Bed bugs, Springtails (Collembola), Thrips, Spiders, Small Beetles, Small Flies, Fly-Maggots, Ant-like, Millipedes-like, Filaria, Worms, Worm-like, Phoride Flies

Dou you have a partner?

39 % answered YES

Does your partner have morgellons too?

44 % answered YES

Are you still active sexually with your partner?

56 % answered YES

Do you have children?

64 % answered YES

Are they infected?

40 % answered YES


25 % answered YES


75 % answered YES

If you have pets are they infected too?

94 % answered YES

Do you have a medical support?

56% answered YES

Was the medical care you acquired helpful?

6 % answered YES

Do you have a medical insurance?

48 % answered YES

Has any medication/treatment giving you relieve?

59 % answered YES

If yes, which medication/treatment could help you more?

Carnivora, Lufenuron, Blockbuster Enzymes, Artemisinin, Samento, Maitake, Shiitake, Reishi Mushrooms, Afa/Chlorella Algae, Higher Dosage Vitamins, Amino-acids, Gingko Biloba, MSM, Borax, Nano-Silver, Ginseng, Lemon Juice, Oreganol, Thymol, Grapefruit-Seed Extract, Micro-Current Machine, Artemisia, Garlic, Sour Fruits, DSP Products, Epsom + Dead Sea Salt Baths, Coal-Tar Soap, Oxycodin, Teatree Oil, Peppermint Oil, Rizols, Ivermectin, Albenza, Special Enzymes, Minerals, Apple Cider Vinegar

Are you taking antibiotics now?

57 % answered YES

Could you get any improvement from antibiotics?

46 % answered YES

If yes, what kind of antibiotics helped you the most? Notice: You may need specific antibiotic up to your pathogens. Drugs which might help others, may not help you at all!!

Clarythromycin, Mitronidazol/Flagyl, Minocycline, Bactrim, Roxythromycin, Azithromycin/Zithromax, Doxycyclin, Avelox, Augmentin, Cefuroxim, Amoxicilin, Zyvox, Dapson, Tinidazol, Claforan, Rifamicin, Emycin, Plaquenil, Chepalexin, Cipro, Ceflex, Tetracycline, Leflunomide

Have you been tested for lyme disease?

54 % answered YES

Was your lyme test positive?

36 % answered YES

Which lyme test was performed?

Bowen and Igenex, CD-57, Western Blot IgG, Igm, PCR, Elisa

Have you been tested for other bacterial pathogens?

39 % answered YES

If yes, what kind of other pathogens were mostly positive?

Borrelia, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma, Bartonella, Babesia, Pseudomonas aruginosa, Agrobacterium tumefaciens + Thuringensis, Staph-Aureus, MRSA, Klebsiella Oxytoca, Listeria, E. coli, Giardia, Ehrlichia, Anaplasma, Toxoplasma gondii, Eikenella corrodens, Actinomycetes israelis, Blastocystis hominis, Entomoeba histolycia, Streptococcus

Have you been tested for viruses?

24 % answered YES

If yes, what kind of virus were positive?

Coxackie, EBV, CMV, Herpes simplex, Papilloma, Simian, HIV, Hepatitis C

If yes, what kind of anti-viral medication could help you more?

Valtrex, Aciclovir, Interferon alfa-2a, Ganciclovir

Do you have a fungal infection or have you molds in your home?

64 % answered YES

Have you ever been tested for mold/fungal infection?

33 % answered YES

If yes, what kind of fungus/mold were positive?

Yeasts, Molds, Candida, Aspergillus, Dermatophytes

If yes, what kind of anti-fungal could help you more?

Voriconazol, Vfend IV, Caspofungin, Posiconazole, Itraconazole, Lamisil tabs., DSP-roots, Miconazol, Diflucan, Carnivora, Candex + Blockbuster enzymes

Have you noticed chemtrails in your area?

75 % answered YES

Have you had direct contact with Chemtrails fall out?

39 % answered YES

Have you noticed a change after sprayings (skin, nature)?

52 % answered YES

After sprayings have you observed spiderweb-like constructions?

35 % answered YES

Do you think that Morgellons is spread by Chemtrails?

68 % answered YES

Do you live within 1-3 miles of a pesticide testing field?

41 % answered YES

Have you, your family or friends served in any Gulf War?

51 % answered YES

Do you take birth control pills?

8 % answered YES

Have you ever taken birth control pills?

41 % answered YES

Do you have thyroid dysfunction?

73 % answered YES

Are you currently on thyroid hormones?

69 % answered YES

Have you had recently a hormone level test? (Sexual, ACTH, DHEA, Cortisol)

18 % answered YES

Were your hormone level in a normal range?

43 % answered YES

Was your life/childhood extremely traumatic, stressful or abusive?

95 % answered YES

Have you had also gastrointestinal problems? (ulcus, gastritis etc.)

69 % answered YES

Was your first disease outbreak after a dramatic life situation/experience?

87 % answered YES

Do you have diabetes mellitus?

41 % answered YES

Do you perspire more than most people?

73 % answered YES

Do you have ADHD (Attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder)?

58 % answered YES

Do you have an auto-immune disease (Sjogrens, Lupus, Renauld etc.)

27 % answered YES

Have you had direct contact with pesticides in nature, perhaps for private use at your home (perimethrin, lindan, roundup, etc.)

44 % answered YES

Do you have a diagnosted sarcoidosis or cancer?

39 % with breast cancer (women)

21 % with prostata cancer (men)

41 % with cervical cancer (women)

31 % with lung cancer (both)

19 % with white skin cancer (both)

26 % with sarcoidosis (both)

Are you rather a fearful and discouraged person?

29 % answered YES

Have you seen or had unusual experience with lights?

58 % answered YES

Are you having a tinnitus or hearing high frequency noises?

43 % answered YES

Are you quick to anger?

79 % answered YES

Are you overweight?

57 % answered YES

Are you extremely intuitive?

74 % answered YES

Do you notice that you are now more extroverted?

67 % answered YES

Do you notice that you have now more an authistic behavior?

39 % answered YES

Do you notice that you have now a more psychotic behavior?

40 % answered YES

Do you have difficulty wearing watches or using computers/telephones?

93 % answered YES

Have you had any vaccination in your lifetime?

76 % answered YES

Which vaccinations?

Standard vaccinations

What is your blood type?

All kinds were present

Is your nutrition healthy?

59 % answered YES

Do you consider yourself more melancholy than others?

69 % answered YES

Do you often contemplate suicide now?

58 % answered YES

Do you think you will be healed some day?

41 % answered YES

Comment: Most U.S. afflicted were from California, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, followed from Washington, Oregon, NY, Massachusetts, Maryland, Nevada, Arizona, and all other U.S.

Some additional comments from participants (inclusive authentic writing errors)

Total hair loss on scalp. Now I have to keep my head shaved or it gets really bad. Can't stand to wear anything on my head, it hurts. open lesions and scabbed lesions on head. Itching, headache, spots on breasts appear to be fungal, systemic yeast infection. Worm like things and other critters attached in nose. I have a large hole in my nasal septum. yellow worm like things and globs in my mouth, my teeth are rotting away. Vision is getting worse. Biofilm on scalp and in home.

Biting and crawling all over, mostly on face and scalp, in the eyes, up the nose and in the ears. I notice some improvement when I leave home for a few days, though it doesn't go away. My home environment is a big problem, especially the floor. We've tried just about everything on the floor and still get floor bites daily.

Constant tinnitus, alopecia, disconnected. long hairs (8 inch plus) coming out of my hips and thighs. Lethargic, disconnected, depressed, angry at the same doctors whose patients I took care of for years. 2 times I had approx 8 2 inch black wire like thing come through my abdominal wall that my husband had to cut.

Larvae in right leg sent to lab, came back as "diptera". Central sleep apnea, but won't use bipap anymore, tube was filled one am with many "rice size larvae". Yes I have seen things I don't admit to anybody, because who in the hell would believe me. I have been prescribed antipsychotics which I refuse to take. I'm not crazy, just frustrated.

1. Skin lesions that wont heal. (this isn`t my worst problem) they have the sensations of something moving in or around the lesion site. there is also itching, stinging and burning at the lesion site

2. Mental confusion and memory loss (this has progressed fast and is very upsetting)a lot of times I cant get the words I'm thinking from my brain out of my mouth. my memory has gotten so bad that if I get interrupted in mid sentence I don?t even remember what i am talking about. i can hardly carry on a conversation anymore.

3. Eyesight. since last may my eyesight has gone from better than excellent to, i cant even read the paper in front of me. i also feel things moving in my eyes( i am NOT crazy as many doctors have told me. the other night i pulled a red fiber about 6 inches long out from the side of my nose and i felt it come out of my eye.

4. Depression. i feel hopeless and i have even considered ending it all it get away from this constant suffering i feel at every moment of my life.

5.Equilibrium (balance). i get dizzy a lot and when im walking i often get off balance. such as walking into walls or accidently hitting things. i used to have excellent balance before.

6. Headaches. terrible headaches mainly between my eyes, under lesion, under my eyes, and my eyebrows. Tylenol doesn?t work, even morphine doesn?t work.

7. Fatigue. i am tiered all the time but lately i have a hard time sleeping.

8. Swelling in my legs. very recently(2 weeks starting 1/17/09), i have had horrible swelling in my legs and feet. the doctor put me on water pills.

9. Pain/tingly numbness in extremities. they often fall asleep i feel this could possibly from lack of circulation the pain runs up my arms.

10. Breathing. my breathing feels labored when im moving around. this has started in the last two months.

11. Heart. this may sound crazy, and i assure you i am not, but i can feel the parasites in my heart. its hard to put into words, but there is something going on with my heart.

12. Weight loss. i have not tried to loose weight, yet i have shed off 45 or more pounds since may of 2009 with out dieting or exercising.

13. Bowel sounds. When i am pulling a fiber/parasites from my skin(from a lesion) my bowels/ intestines/stomach makes all kinds of sounds, loud sounds.

14. Blood. my blood is abnormally thick and comes out in big clots. yet it will only bleed when i get the parasites/fibers out from my skin. it is also abnormally dark in color.

15.Swelling of glands. I have swelling in my throat. also i take thyroid medication. 200mcg

16. New lesions. i have new soars and tenderness on the back of my head, in my hair and on my hairline.

I have been turned away/laughed at by many doctors. all kinds of doctors, this includes dermatologist, general practitioner, chronic pain doctors. i have been to psychiatrist and taken the medicine they have prescribed with absolutely no relief. i need relief. i am completely at my wits end and have no other options. i have spent hours on the computer researching this disease. i have multiple samples of my skin and the parasite/fiber that i have pulled from my skin. i have gotten blood test. i am willing to send you any samples you need and willing to be a subject for your research. any way i can help to get relief from this constant pain. PLEASE HELP ME.

I thought i had a sliver in my thumb. I tried to tweeze it out but the black wirerefused to come out. Over the next couple days i noticed that it was long and embedded under my skin. I often used sos pads or steele wool to clean. i began to think the steele wool broke off into my hands and my skin grew over it.

I could grab the wire (under my skin)with tweezers and pull it towards the surface. After i let go it would go back under where i couldn't see. After a week of pulling and prodding with tweezersI tore my hands up i realized i was making it worse because every time i broke one end i had two. i could see the web like patterns under my skin. I haven't told anyone except close friends and family. I haven't had much irritation unless i use my hands alot for cleaning or such for too long of time. I'm scared that this may get worse as time goes on. What should i do!

All the classic symptoms. Am very thin now with stomach problems. Am very ill all the time now. feel like this is going to kill me. Its taken over whole body now, unable to do home treatments I'm so ill.

I got so sick of trying to figure this out I bought a kids microscope and what I saw made me cry. Your microscopic photos - my issue looks exactly like page 1 - second set of photos down. I was stunned. I saw one that had two grain like things each with a fiber growing out of it - and the fibers connected! I'm so grossed out (and scarred) I'm at a loss. How do I get my doctor to test me? He flatly refuses and when I got upset and took my pants down to show him the backs of my legs/rear end, he took a fast step back and wouldn't touch me or allow tests.

He called in another doctor and together they tried to convince me it was "folliclitis." I left with a prescription for anti-fungal cream (Fucidin) and Novo-Doxylin (Doxycycline Hyclate)100mg - to take twice daily for one month. The pills make me physically ill (and taste like gasoline so I stopped taking them) but the cream does work temporarily. Any suggestions? I haven't been back because the doctors here are useless.

A 10 year old boy brought a wild rabbit into my house without me knowing.It started with feeling like something was biting my lower legs. I thought we had fleas but the dogs were not bothered. Then it was like jock itch and I got anti fungals but that did not help. Then I bought unsterilized potting soil and found out that my boyfriend had morgellons in his hair and on his feet because I found a comb with two morgellons organisms on it that were his but at that time I did not know what it was. 4 months later I got bit by large medium brownish red gnat and they started hatching out of my hair,

then black beetles started hatching out of my hair and now I have small black specks and tiny spider or crab like bugs and tiny white mites that look like a tiny grain of rice with a black spot in the middle. I have been fasting and eating low sugar/low carb diet and drinking lots of water. I am taking 45 min to 1 hour salt baths that are relaxing and cleansing and I am about 90% better now after over a year of torment. This is HORRIBLE. hell on earth. I would not wish this on my worst enemy.

I never had a zit up until a year ago now these threadlike fibers are coming out of my skin scaring up my face. its so embarrasingver. i use baby oil and rub them out for HOURS nightly till my face is raw. I dont feel like they are crawling or biting, I feel like they are parasites and I want them out.

Severe fatigue, painful non-healing skin lesions, mostly on face. Sinus congestion one side only, especially after eating yogurt and fruit. Eyes weakening, teeth decaying, lack of concentration. I am now seeing the fibers everywhere in my house, car. Thank you so much for this site.

Biting, crawling, black spec, granules, fatigue, hot sweats. My mother had it for months, I did not know what it was and asked her to visit me 1300 miles away. She came to my home with sores. I caught this a month after she left when I slept in the bed she used.

Head to toes itch and pricking to sharp pain, fatigue, eyes itch and outer corners fell like sand in them, flatuence, headaches (px. hx. of job related injury and surgery to neck and rt. knee, have herniated dis still cervical and lumbar, px. hx. of Hepatitis A from an infected public swimmimg pool when I was about 10 yrs. old. Job and finacially stressed for the last 6 yrs. for myself and my husband. Concerned about my familys health being near me.

This started with casual contact at the doorway of a friend who passed it on to 8 people in our meditation group I had mites swarming in the house, walls and then in me. My little dog died sudenly after loosing several teeth despite being boarded ou an having the best vet care. I had clear fibers growing out of my palms from the beginning.

Red fibers sticking out of the clock radio...lamp destroyed...ficks off and on...big "antennae"(black 1 and 1/2 inches positioned on the skylinght outside my bedroom window. Major worm exit with Hulda Clarke cleanse right at the beginning..sinus brown goo...ear right now of 3 weeks duration. Open weeping skin ulcers with larvae looking pods down in the deepest skin layer...wiggling...move to different areas adjacent when one is cleared up...biggest one 1 and 1/2 inches in diameter on wrist where watch was...doctors think they are burns. Any nick or scratch gets infested with mites which burrow in ...sores take 3 plus weeks to heal...with lots of disinfecting. Up from 10 pm until 4 am cleaning. My life is totalled. Lost job, roommates, house, and many posessions...

They are all infected or infested with bright coloured bacteria..irridescent green, red, gold, silver, and crawling mites and "dust balls or lint" which had hairs growning out of it. Life is hell as all I do is clean and treat my skin...and it has taken all my money. I now know a lot more about cleaning supplies. i've lost 20 lb and I was slim to begin with. I've just moved and it's hard to get the energy to unpack...and get bitten...but they are molting..these white sticky i'm pretty freeked out as they are fast. I'm afraid a cave in India might be the only answer. Help

My beautful new family is being tortured by this (bad science fiction). The crawling, bitting,and iching is relentless. We now all have sores, sinus eye trouble. I have legons on chest, legs, and arms. Now my wife, 3year old boy, and 3 month old baby are getting them. this is heart braking. please help with advice if can. Blessings

I started off with very unusual acne that would not go away,After that there were two inch like caterpliller like things will very long needle like thorns to anchor them,about the same time I noticed there was quilting on my skin gold hair woven through that tacked my skin down as the threads grew they caused a lot of burning (like an acid burn) on my skin that lasted for a day or two.Then some of these would widen they looked like square pockets full of something black, also if I pulled out the gold hairs with my nails they turned black and would immedatley start to poke into my skin.

I suffered the severe lesions starting back in 1998, chronic itching starting around 2003/2004 & only recently the lesions subsiding in the past couple of years, actually since giving birth to my son in 2007. I now suffer profound fatigue, brain fog, depression, rage, aggression, severe premenstrual syndrome, night time bruxism, fibromyalgia,irritable bowel syndrome. Fibres & hairs in the home which stick to all our clothes, I lose a great deal of scalp hair. Blue fuzz balls come out of skin as well as small black, blue & white fibres. I also have been diagnosed with restless leg syndrome & have been taking Neurontin for 12 months. Fantastic website Marc, you are one of a kind. Namaste


Post hurricane Katrina we relocated to Baton Rouge, La from Slidell after 7 mths first lesion on breast and then leg, nasal, arms (main area) and now face, ears--I see the fibers and see mutant looking parasites...a vet looked at them and said it was like the head of one parasite and body of another--with a low 4 x magnifer I can see lots of them grab hold of each other or objects with legs--like they are holding on...

I have seen bazaar things in these little critters. I am at a lost of where to turn. I went to a psych doc and he believes there is something--as he has had many patients with exact complaints and descriptions. I had brain surgery in 1999-the thigh muscle from a cadeveor was used...which makes me wonder if collembola was indroduced to my body then--collembola is definately one of the critters. Thank you for your research. Any suggestions would be welcomed but I understand you are busy again thank you so much.

Horrific acne since 16 years of age. Resistant to most antibiotics etc. Accutane was only a temporary solution. When my thyroid stopped working I started using heavy moisturizers (ointment like) which I never used before because of acne, but at that time my skin got really dried out. That's when I noticed black stuff all over my face. My face, for as long as I can remember would burn and get red and irritated when I would sweat. I chalked off the black stuff to dust or particles in the air...I mean they COULDN'T have come out of my skin!

It wasn't until recently looking for a natural cure for acne after being told I need accutane again, that I read about Demodex and how tea tree oil can help. What came out of my skin wasn't demodex, but what I believe to be collembola and fibers, black dots, red dots and brown dots and weird structures. I was horrified. The acne that would never heal is clearing up with the remedies I am using, but I think it is only helping the sores, not the stuff coming out of my skin...or under the skin. I also notice I have stuff coming out of my feet and arms as is worst in my feet though. I am going to get a lyme test at my Dr. but am hesitant to say much more for fear of being deemed crazy.

I take coconut oil and it has helped with fatigue and low body temperature and I also get B vitamin and amino acid shots because I am on a weight loss program to lose the 40 pounds I put on when this all started (in conjunction with thyroid). AN ultrasound also showed a small nodule on my parathyroid, and I read the Study the NPA conducted and it said a few people had thyroid problems and parathyroid cyst (out of 20 people, I wonder how much larger the number would be in a larger study.) I can say that I almost understand why people would be deemed crazy, because I feel like a crazy person since this whole thing came to my attention...I am alwasys examining things under a microscope, soaking my feet and body, I am obsessed with vaccuming now, inspect my son regularly for ! black sp ecks and have put numerous weird things on my skin in an attempt to draw out whatever is going on in there! Anyone who didn't have Morgellon's surely would think I am a nut, but honestly, I just want to end this....

I will not stop until I am cured. With my husband in the military and having to deploy so many times we put family planning on hold and we wanted at least one more child I have now decided that we won't have anymore children. I fear what this would do to a fetus or an infant. I also am incredibly fearful for my son, that he will get it. I have something I bought called an Eyeclops that you can plug into your TV. Its a children's toy microsope and I inspect my face, hands and feet with it and there are always fibers, black spots specks and possibly collembola (something different than the specks but can't get a good enough look), shiny reflective particles etc. under my skin. I also looked at my son's skin, my husband's, my mothers, fathers and brothers and they all have specks and stuff under the skin with the microscope, but. everyone except my mom says it must be normal since we all have it. As I said I exhibit other symptoms and the shedding of fibers, specks etc. itching and biting crawling sensations and my mother does also. The others don't or chalk it off as nothing since there is nothing visible on them to the naked eye.

ANother weird thing I will mention is that I have had eyelash loss...usually in the center of both eyes missing large patches of eyelashes. I ofen find when I soak my feet in cider vinegar and hot water, eyelashes in the water...among the specks and black and brown spots. Some of them I know aren't mine because they are longer and black whereas mine are light in color since I am very fair skinned with light hair. They resemble my son's. I do find mine as well, but find it bizarre that his would be coming out of my skin as well, so I fear he has it too. I had purchased copper peptide serum .to use on my acne scars and notice that when I use it a few light blue fuzz balls come out of my skin. AFter reading what I have wrote, I see now why I don't want to go to a Dr. I sound like a total nutcase! This is such a nightmare!!!

While seeing a guy I would get bumps on my scalp and neck while in his bed. After a few days I would start crawling like crazy. was told it was scabies. IT goes away and comes back now its permanent. He had the lesion but not the intense itch he thought I was crazy. Now I don't see him. I dont break out as bad but when I do I crawl like mad. I use alcohol and vinegar to make it stop. I dont go anywhere anymore and dont work outside of the home. He sells mosquito pesticides and goes to sprayings in florida and california and stands in the stagnant waters where they breed. This has been a nightmare. I think its a government involved problem.

I have been HIV positive for over 25 years and have always been healthy and symptom free without the help of any medications. Even though my immune system is compromised by being HIV+, I believe that having a positive mental attitude and maintaining a stress-free lifestyle has contributed enormously to my success at staying healthy. Beginning about three years ago, my partner of eleven years and I had gone through a very challenging time that put a tremendous amount of stress, depression and anxiety into my life.

It was around this time that I noticed that my skin began to show areas that were abnormal in texture and color, and lesions began to appear on my face, back and chest. I figured that it was due to the stress that I was experiencing in my life at the time, but the lesions continued even though my life conditions were improving. On closer inspection with the use of a magnifying glass and eventually a microscope that I had purchased, I came to the realization that what I was experiencing was due to some sort of parasite. I told my partner, who happens to be a doctor, and even showed him what I had been finding, which he promptly dismissed saying that I needed a "professional" diagnosis.

I went to several doctors who all said that my lesions were due to my picking at them and that I was suffering from "paraphycosis". The last three years has been living hell affecting every aspect of my life. My relationships with my family, friends and partner have suffered immensely due to my condition. I lost my job after fourteen years and began to question my own sanity. I had become socially recluse embarrassed by my appearance and have had to "secretively" had my search to find answers through publications on the web. One day, I decided to browse images of skin parasites on google and to my shock found an image of a parasite that matched identically to what I had been seeing under a microscope.

With further research, I was led the a Morgellons website and found that all the symptoms of the diseas! e that o thers had been experiencing, I too have been experiencing. I promptly shared this with my partner and mother, who had been very concerned about my mental state of mind and ready to do an intervention. After reading testimonials and doing extensive research on her own, she too believes that I have Morgellons disease. I cannot say the same for my partner, who still maintains that the world is flat because the medical community has not officially recognized the disease. I've documented several different "parasites" and their cycles.

They range from microscopic glue/grey specs (eggs) attached to a silk-like thread, very much like a spider web, to full maturity bug that resembles a small beetle with atenna. NOTE: It is of my belief that the "Fibers" that I have witnessed and that have been described by others, is NOT a byproduct of the parasite, but actually IS the parasite itself. On several occasions, I have observed a jelly-like blob that I have just removed from my skin quickly transform into a feathery fiber creature, then... desinigrate into almost nothing.

I have also noticed that when I have applied pressure to one of the lumps, a translucent thread of material come out of the lump that actually can been seen moving and twitching, then slowly darken and shrivel and become more fiberous. What is frightening is what took place on two of these occasions... moments after I had extracted some substance from a lump on my chest that ended up in the basin of the sink, a wood ant that happened to be wondering around on the countertop ventured into the sink basin. Immediately, the ant went crazy and frantically began pulling on it's antenna seemingly in an effort to clean them off. Within a few minutes, the ant was dead.

The same thing happened on another occasion, but with a small fly that had landed on top of the counter that I had been standing over and had just extracted some material from a lump. Within minutes, it too was dead. TREATMENT: I've tried many different "treatments" from detox to ointments, etc! . Nutras ilver was the only thing that had an affect, but only temporarily, and only seemed to kill the parasites that I have in my fingertips and bottoms of my feet. It only paralyzed those parasites that I have found in my lesions. Once I stopped taking the Nutra Silver, they became active again, but even more aggressively.

Comments => I dont know how to get help. I thougth I was reacting to a problem in my home that intailed my house getting covered in calcuim carbonate and sulfate along with calcite. The house was tested and lab also reported un known substence that apperaed to be nonminerale. Also had fiber glass, adnormal amounts of skin cells and fungal spores. I was very ill and thought the things in my skin was from the house. I have been out of the house almost a year and still sick. my hair is awful and i dont fave feeling in my scalp and most of my body.

My spelling and wrighting skills are gone more or less. I was dignosed with every auto imune diease but then later told i dont have it. My white bloods sell are very high, and my baby sells are 11,000 and normal is 7,000 and my siga is double. I am vit d deficent. I stumbled acroos your site when I was trying to figure out why i was spitting up chrystal in my spit. I have started my vitamin reg back. I did find Monavie acai berry helped when I started to get sick. what does some one like myself do to get help? I also as I can it have a magnetic personality. I stay away from electronics most of the time. I also have a great collection of odd things from my body including some crazy hair. I forget things all the time including the pass word to my email so hopefully i think of it before you respond back. Thank you for such a great site and any help

I was prescribed Lindane upon one of my many first diagnosis which stated that I had scabies. My kids were also prescribed this lotion and although I used very little on them... I used more than I should have on myself because I was in panic mode and freaked out by the though of myself and my family having scabies. I later found out just how toxic it is & feel lucky that I didn't do more damage than I did...

I think the Albendazole & Ivermectin worked well for awhile. I also think that Doxycycline helps though I definitely had a major herxemeir (sp.?) reaction after initially taking antibiotics and vommitted violently for the first few weeks. The matter that came up was a horrific sight. It looked like giant worms, but I couldn't mentally handle what I was seeing at that time & flushed it immediately. I haven't had that matter come up since (4 yrs ago).

I have large cysts under skin that seem to grow and shrink... frequent fevers, trouble swallowing, swollen hands-feet-well, basically my entire body including my face (though my face only swells occasionally)... I have frequent naseau, extreme and chronic fatigue, fibromayalgia that keeps me from doing all the things that I once loved to do, my right eyes is sore all the time and has black specs on it-even on the whites of my eyes, I see floaters constantly... they never go away and stay in the same spots (though of course they move accordingly when I look in a different direction)...

I have had my toenails fall off-as has my daughter... stomach pains, constipation or diarhea, extreme muscle twitching, temporary bells palsy (gets better at times), thick string like/worm like mucous in nasal area, tongue fascilations, loss of feeling in my right foot (though it comes back), numbness in hands and feet-especially when sleeping, high level of anxiety, lack of drive though I used to be a type a go-getter... lesions, matter comign out of my skin on a regular basis (I filmed it and put it on youtube if you would like to see it--they are clearly visible as I have MASSIVE amounts that emerge from my skin... dry cracked feet along the sides of my heels an feet VS the bottom like one would expect...

I also have lumps/cyts in my fingers. I have many more but I have to go for now. My youngest just got up and isn't well today. This happens frequently & it breaks my heart beyond words. She also has lesions that don't heal & many other symptoms. One she has that I don't is dialating pupils-was wondering if you've heard anything like that before. Last night My youngest started feeling ill and kept saying, " I don't know what I'm feeling"-"I don't get what's going on right now-I feel confused". She seemed almost frantic and just "out of it". Normally, she is an EXTREMELY & almost eerily intuitive & intelligent young lady. She's in all advance programs and scores in the 98th percentile on all achievement tests.!

She is in the third grade and already reading at ABOVE a 12th grade level... they have spoken to me about moving her up a grade beause of her high IQ. Lastly, she has many visual and auditory hallucinations... seeing "people that aren't suppossed to be there" & hearing thing as well. She KNOWS that what she is experiencing isn't real, but it's terrifying none the less. She also sees alot of shapes (colored shapes she says). Because of these hallucinations she is afraid to even go to the bathroom by herself some times. Again-heart wrenching... Alrigh! THANK YOU for your research. You might feel as though we don't appreciate it... but, I DO-WE DO. Let me know what I can do to help

I'm doing great now. It was difficult to answer some questions because this "M" doesn't make me sick anymore. I still have small lesions, slugs... I use dsp, miracle II products and liquid balsamae extract every day. I also spray my environment with bug arrest or eco-vie (especially clothes and in my dryer). I no longer have biting sensations, my body is strong, my mind is clear. De-sensitization is key! lymphatic massage too. Food allergies made me sick... Eat healthy food (unprocessed, no fast food chains, check out the ingredients) I'll ttyl marc! (I hope)

Fibromyalgia, IBS, Reynalds syn, ADAD bad, exhaustion, muscle throbbing, joint pain, worse in humid days or before rain. Involuntary muscle contractions. Have nerve blocks for that and my back. Pain in neck, back, elbows, knees. all over. Large lesions on my face at chin, left eye, and lesion scars on both cheeks, forehead and low chin.

Lesions are circular like the Frenchman's pics. Tentacles like sea coral come out of the lesions all the way around and some in the middle. About 2 mm, Feel them when they come out. Also feel the nymphs when the crawl out. Have them in eyes and corners of mouth. Have ruts in tongue and white bumps that pull off. Obviously some type of parasite. Docs have not even examines my lesions. Want to sue 3 of them. No one has checked for parasites. Just did blood test. Dermatologist told me had morgellons but didn't get close.

Said: Keep cover with duoderm healing and take trifluoperazine 2 mg at night to break the cycle. Said fibers were subcutaneous tissue from scratching and red and blue were the colors of our bodies. He didn't even get hand held scope out or do any biopsy. Can't get anyone to do one on my face. Just want these organisms or animals cut out, they just multiply. Have samples but scared to take them cause of matchbox theory. I plan to buy a m scope. I can see barbs and tentacles with a magnifying glass. Contact me any time if u like. Cant believe lyme is not positive with all the ticks I have had. Thanks for all of the great info.

While I was being treated for scabies I noticed that my arm was very fuzzy, then strange puff balls started coming out as well as hairs from my skin. I noticed a few weeks later what looked like SPORES in my toilet. I has just cleaned my toilet but I cleaned it again. Two days later they came back. I took a picture and got samples with a Q-tip. My hair a few weeks ago was all going forward and the hair in back wrapped around my neck. When I combed it back, my hair slowly all came forward again. I looked like I had been caught in a hurrican, but I could not stop it. I few days ago I was petting my cocker spaniel and his long black ear was against my leg.

I felt a bite and looked and a wad of black haid was on my leg. I tried pulling hair from my dogs ear, but nothing came out especially a big wad. The nest day I was taking a shower I looked down and on my leg was another black wad of hair, I thought, but then it started to move and I freaked. It fell into tub and I got a container and saved it. I have many many more things happen, many of which I saved and took pictures but I don't know who to give them to. Can you tell me what to do. I would like them to go to research, because this is the strangest thing ever and I can no longer work. Thank You

Skin lesions, itching (much reduced) profound brain fog/fatigue, constant itching of eyes/ears; I am frightened and very discouraged. I live in Boston and saw 14 drs at some of the best hsop. we have. I was treated disgrace-fully by a few MDs, dx'ed with DOP by sev. others, and found a few who were baffled but compassionate.

I was an outgoing and optimistic woman. I am now isolated, afraid and pissed off at the medical profession! I believe self-help is saving my life,using info learned online. The cruellest aspect of this is the lack of knowledge and suspicion among many friends/family. We are all scared and many feel we can't even discuss the bizzarre symptoms with our loved ones! I avoid talking about this with all, except my sister and best friend. Thank you for your work on our behalf! Blessings to you and yours!

My 88-year old mother has sores she constantly picks at a insists hairs come out and are connected to other sores and are in her ears. She has had a personality change also. it started after her cat bit her and also she was helping in the garden and stabbed herself in the leg with the rake they said it was folliculitus gave her a bunch of drugs and she has never been the same. She now has a spot on her kidney ... its very bad..... thanks for all you do, no one will help they tell her she is nuts.

In feb. 2007 my sister was in the hospital for about 3 months. as her caretaker i stayed at hospital with her 24/7. after the first month i started getgting these bumps like pimples in scalp. the got bigger, hair fell out. eventually i shaved my head. i went to several doctors who for the first 8 months treated me for ringworm. the dermatologists i went to first diagnosed me with alopecia areata. i went back later with a picture of bug from my scalp under magnification.

The dermatologist said it was bedbugs and treated me for that. but i had been researching myself forf quite a while now and it did'nt look like a bedbug to me. i was convinced i had either norweigan scabies or demodex mites until i did more research into morgellons. i am convinced i have this disease. my symptoms include: bumps on my scalp, itching eyelashes and scalp, weird hiar follicles, black specks in scalp, fatigue, back pain.

Open lesions that are very slow healing. They emit small fibers, they resemble fibers that come off of fabric, but they are clear and ~ .5mm wide x 5mm long. Seem that 'they' are alive, not just magnetically either. Senses and moves around touches an object as if to test it, then recoils or attempts to hold on to it, examples: hates garlic smell on fingers, will touch for a half sec and recoil, likes to touch other fibers of different lesions.

Lesions have what appear to be black small dots embedded within them. The hair on my head, medium length is alive! When I get my hair wet it is if i can feel it. It stings me and is bright red compared to my hair which is slightly golden brown with hints of auburn, never dyed, no perms, no weird stuff in hair... when I brush my hair and view strands that came out... they have abnormal/unexplainable movement. Please help.

At the onset I thought that I had gotten lice at a hotel in Austin, TX. I used every lice product I could find, and was ready to bath in pesticide. I felt like my body from head to toe was covered with bugs. I caught a few of the insects. I was able to look at enough pictures of what I thought were mites and lice to visually identify the creatures as sprintail. I also noticed that small black worm like things were coming out of the pores on my arms when I was in the sun. I researched the tiny black worms, and that me to the conclusion that I may have Morgellons.

I had small black dots in my pores that formed a wheel formation. On one of the formations the center of this "wheel" began to sink and ulcerate. When the crawling sensation was unbearable and I developed these lesions on my arms, I went to an urgent care. They told me that I needed to go to the hospital. I do not have insurance, so I went to the University Medical Center. I was mocked by the physician and the nurse, and never examined. I was told that they couldn't see what I was feeling, and eventually I had to leave with a prescription for hydroxadrine. I went home and took benadryl instead. I was researching bird mites, and the advice was to use Arbonne's Foaming Body. I rememberd that I had a sample somewhere in my bathroom, so I figured that I would give it a try.

I literally saw bugs jumping off of me, including adult springtail. I felt so much relief that night. I believe it's because the body wash is PH Correct, and neutralizes the fungus. Of course I got some of the body wash and use it twice a day. When I first put the body wash undiluted on my lesions and my arms, small white busgs were coming out of the wounds. The black worm things were also coming in and out. It was as if they were angry. My friend was watching the entire X-Files experience in my kitchen with shock and disbelief. I am now working with a friend that is a nurse practitioner, who will accompany me to my medical appointments.

I have lots of gel, fibers with lots of movement, eggy things, stuff on scalp,nares, fibers out of fingertips,ears. Seen the lights in my peripheral vision once,high pitched sound in ear(s) on rare occasions. Dog may have enlarged heart, extreme fatigue and brain fog, sleeplessness, stinging, itching,fused back, desperatly want answers and interaction w/others about on soc security and have small psychic biz from home, used to be social worker counselor before I broke back. Got morg in NYC during time of 911, new york city-sewage damaged basement

Hello, I am going crazy with this Morgellons disease. It's getting worse. It started out with just my thighs and forearms itching and i mean going out of my mind the itch was so bad. It affected me only at night. Now i have it in my hair, ( forehead) and i feel them crawling into my eyebrows, then into my eyes, then they get a gooey sticky film in my eyes, it's horrible!! I just started noticing little red marks on my body everywhere, it's devastating.

I am extremely tired every day, I have no drive or ambition, I am paranoid, and recently became very suspicious of my fioance, it got so bad he wanted me to get out, I'm vicious. I don't know who this chick is but it's someone taking over my body. I have extreme brain fog, and I fall while walking up my stairs. I have to pay attention to each step to avoid falling. I'm so depressed, and i have no emotion, i really don't care about anyone anymore. My entire day is consumed with this disease. I'm constantly holding my flashlight and magnifying glass to get a glimpse of these gross creatures that are crawling inside my entire body.I still can't believe this is happening to me.

Why?? I'm so freaked out. When the itching gets really bad, I found that a hot bath as hot as you can stand it really helps. I actually see them floating in the tub if the water is hot enough. I also have them in my vagina and bottom. Is this going to infect my partner? Is it contageous? I don't have medical insurance, however I am going to fight these parasites because I don't want to go out like this. (die). The most frustrating thing of all is my partner thinks I'm just paranoid and the crawling sensation is nerves. He looks at me like I'm crazy.

I tried to show him the glitter like dots all over my face and he says it's makeup. I get so angry with him. I forgot to mention I'vr been getting alot of headaches and my thigh has been twitching for weeks now, off and on. The most disgusting of it all is i have them in my mouth and I'm getting sores on my gums, I'm constantly s! pitting them out. I'm about to lose my mind, I can't bare anything else. Thank you for listening to what I call a living nightmare. You're not alone my friend, I'm right here with you.

I live in rental, low income, not clean. I think majority of residents have this disease. one even said she had Scabies. Around the washers,and dryers I see some of the same parasites. Look like 2 dots, when they get larger, they look like to lines, These are hidden wings, and they take flight. I no longer do my wash here.

Also have different flies. I have samples if you want. Also Have the snake in salt water, minus a bit of tail. Don't know how long it will keep. I see some look like twigs, and tiny snakes. ON a nurse called Belinda also described mini snakes. I spend my day picking up parasites, put them in boric acid. They resis boing water and bleach for 2 hours.They destroyed 3 fillings, cused gum disease, are in my fridge and freezer. Everthing in so called airtight containers, but still get in. Throw a lot of food away.

Have not slept in a bed for 2 years. Bedroom has worst infestation. Think it came from sheets made in China. ( Which I returned) Last week I reurned shoes to Ross. Wore them with white socks, which were smothered in parasites which I put on scotch tape and showed to manager. I asked for and got a receipt, stating I had bugs in the shoes. Your site is most interesting and informative. Thank you, you have put a lot of work into it.

Hello, I make decision to writte about my problems.this started in july 08 with something like a flu.Before that in May08 i was vaccinated and in Juny08 i was niped by thick but i didnt see any rash. but in July i was coughing and i have tachykardia. Cardiologist diagnosted dilatation of Aorta bulbus and he prescribed the beta-blocators vasocardin. I taked a doxycyclin 400mg/day50 days because i was convinced that is some infection from tick. I

t was horrible days after as i taked doxy. i feeld that my eyes pained if i look to light, i listened some noise like muscles shaked. head,legs,arms.. After therapy was my status better about 50 percent.I waited on tests two months because of ATB activity.Lyme:WB,ELISA,NIF was negative,CD: cell imunodeficity,little T-cells and B-cells and lot of NK cells,Autoimunity:not. I taked a combinacion Clarytromicin ,fluconazol,plaquenil with support Imunor since christmas.It has improved very slow and i saw a fibers in my navel like cotton. I had problems during this combination with breathing and itching but one week before as i ended therapy it cleared off.

After therapy I feeled well but it is new symptoms like white tongue(candida?klebsiela?),problem with GI tract some like shacking of stomach but my main problems tachykardia,eyes,tinitus,pain of muscle,fatigue are out.Now a taking combination of ATB minocyclin+plaquenil+cotrixomazol suported by Imunor and silver. i feel healhty but this tongue and some fibers in navel is horiblle.what is it? I hve watched it and it growth just if i move if i perspire not in cold.and some times i feel some hair in mounth. please what is a treatment?Do i take some antifungals? please writte me.

Small bugs crawling out of skin, difficulty breathing, light headed/poor balance, joint pain and stiffness, extreme memory impairment and loss of intellectual ability.

Began with what seemed to be insect bites. Developed intensely itchy rash all over body, black specs, fibers and sores. Now have ringing ears, "floaters", etc. Doctors have not been helpful, and rely on home style remedies and trying to make improvements on diet and lifestyle.

Fibers!, nerve/skin sensations especially eyes & nasal, sinus nightmare, traveling joint pain & swelling. rapidly deteriorating brain functioning/ability to communicate effectively. I was deliberately infected w/this & have had several instances of returning home to find a substance all over that was NOT there when I left. often appears to have been sprayed. covering walls, cabinets, carpets, even inside all cleaning supplies. most commonly a black tarlike or yellow waxlike material. this substance always makes symptoms return or multiply.

I am ADD and bipolar. I was diagnosed long before experiencing Morgellon's symptoms. The conditions have worsened. I've had IBS most of my life. I have sinus allergies and prone to sinus infections. I have had fungal skin problems for years. I have had fibromyalgia for a few years. I have arthritis, osteoarthritis with deterioration in my hip, have bouts of tendintis and bursitis. I am menopausal and have not had a period for about 4 months.

I have had more depression and panic attacks in the last couple of years. I attempted suicide and spent a week in the hospital (Sept 08). My eyesight is rapidly declining. I have glaucoma in early stages. I believe it may have progressed recently. I am prone to vertigo. I have carpal tunnel syndrome. I live in a town where an air force base is located. I had surgery to repair my right shoulder (rotator cup) not long before Morgellons symptoms began. I only had severe symptoms for a few months. I have scars from some of the lesions. One lesion was pretty nasty and I was prescribed an antibiotic.

I was using cremes and antimicrobials that seemed to help. I forced myself to not mess with the lesions and have tried to stick to it. I am afraid to talk about it. I still feel the stinging and crawling sensations, but not as much as before. My husband has removed white cone shaped things from my back in the past and a few times recently. Some of the fibers I had before were stubborn and would just snap back when attempting to remove. I had the fuzz, black specs, etc.

Please - I feel I have a breakthrough in this. If this is lab created - this was the lab. I have many photos and specimens. After mopping cement floors (carpet removed) I can see them. They have camaflauge abilities. What I find on my skin is the same shape and size of what I find after mopping. Under UV Light they show up. My father was a marine biologist and I have seen manny fossils. I see many fossil like images imprinted on my cement floors, walls and furniture. The organic matter I find if I hit it with certain chemicals is also similiar in shape. This needs investigation. I have found no one but friends to take me seriously.

Lumps and movement on face. legs arms, face, actually everywhere, covered in lesions. different hair everywhere. chronic fatigue. cant think well. forgetfulness. nails on hands and toes dead. lesions that are shapped in circles. worms in tongue, mouth lips and gums. wattery blurry eyes with fibers in eyes. fibers constantly comming out of skin. loss of eyebrows. pain in joints and uterus. numbness in feet, hands and various other places. dead skin on hands and feet. chronic UTIs. inability to have orgasims. my 3 yr old had the first symptoms. i need help. its been over a year and i cant take feeling like this anymore. i cant handle watching my daughter suffer with this.

Debilitating fatigue, intense paranoia and anxiety. Unable to bend or use fingers well due to massive infestations under all nailbeds. my feet are being completly eaten away. I feel my throat close and throw up tremendous amounts of parasite type things as well as always in feces. Increased urination. Extremely sore and swollen joints (esp. back, neck and knees)Vision decreasing. Feel like Im dying and at this point want to! I need help and fast! I believe Im already in the end stages after reading your paper Marc. I dont know where to turn or what to do! I am so scared!

Fatigue, generalized weakness, intermittent palpitations, abd bloating and abd upset, lack of appetite, crawling sensations, light disturbance (visual) and intermittent double vision, intolerance to heat and sun,

I remember the day I got it. I was sitting in the car on a very hot NC Aug day. I was wearing a new pair of cotton slacks and sweating. I suddenly felt several stinging sensations on my left leg. I thought it was a mosquito and scratched several times. That night when I took off my slacks, I noticed several inflamed lymph like bites on my leg. I thought they were infected mosquito bites. the next morning my left leg had about 30 lymphlike itchy sores - similar to chicken pox. The next day, my left leg was a horror. it had more that 100 lymph putules and my right leg had about 40. Al itched. I thought I had a recurrence of childhood chicken pox - the virus never leaves - goes dormant as I understand.

i took a sterilized needle to puncture the pustules to hasten the healing and I noticed a thin dark thread from one when I wipped the needle on the alchohol soaked cotton. That night I came across a web site about a strange new disease with threads coming out of the skin. I went back and proceeded to open more putules ( more were forming - not getting better. This time I removed the top skin layer and using tweezers, found a small insect like creature in EVERY putule sac. If I simply pierced the putules as I had done earlier, they would scab over again and not heal.

The eve of the 3rd day, I removed as many baby insects as I could. The next day, only the pustules witht the removed undeveloped insects, were starting to heal. It was the most disgusting period of my life. The insects removed looked like Morgellons pics #1. the bodies were dark and curled up with long threadlike legs. There appeared to be transparent undeveloped wings. Under a magnifying glass, they loked like microscopic mosquitoes. During this same period of time, I was getting itchy feelings on my feet, legs and entire body. I couldnt see anything but when I would scratch or brush away what I thought was a fly, I would feel and then see small tiny grains of "sand" where the itch was. It's a disgusting thing to realize that a life f! orm is u sing one's body as an incubator. Usually the bugs wait for one to die. I went to the health food store and did an intestinal cleanse. Things got even more bizaar. The things I passed looked like long dark worms and one gelatinous grey egg sac about 3 " across. I could see what looked like developing "tadpoles" inside.

I didn't know where to go for help or to have the things analyzed. I felt like I was crazy and trapped in a science fiction movie. My fiancee at the time (husband now), didn't want to know or see what was going on. I got some releaf by scrubbing with straight clorox in the shower, continually piercing and removing larve from the pustules, boiling every piece of fabric- sheets, linen clothing, inclorox. Now the only symptoms are the occassional feeling as though something is brushing against my skin, like a fly passing by. My husband now complains of bugs crawling under his skin, but I don't see any visible signs. You might ask your readers if they have done any strong intestinal cleanses and what the results were. Thanks

Started coughing, then rash travelled over body, then noticed a wormlike thing coming out of sore on wrist, took worms killers mebendazole, went to doctors who gave me theabendazole, drank loads of piperzane syrup, covered myself in scabies might killer,had loads of cream eggs come out of joints,had worms come down nose after taking killers,a lump the size of an egg shot out in my neck, the hospital doctor thought it was calculus but couldn't get dye into saliva gland but a few days after the inside of my mouth festered & a load of blue & red fibers were on my teeth & when I scraped the ulcer in mouth my nail was full of red & blue fibers.

The blue & red fibers never moved only the white & clear worms moved, my skin has thickened over the years & grown fungus nothing would get rid of hard skin, i.e.:all fungal ointments, have been on & off antibiotics for years, I've just started using DSP cream & washing products also mouthwash, mouth has become much cleaner. have found cream especially helpful have used 4 jars in 2 weeks & am waiting for 4 more jars to come, skin turning white & layered & clearing up, giving me hope. get fatigue & joint pain but put that down to age, was always very active person.

Worm like grubs in face, lips mouth nose.Constantly running nose,persistant cough.Small lesions,black specs and black hair like fibres enter skin.Clothes ruined with holes,and yellow goo from something unseen.Loss of hair,CFS,multiple joint pains,had gastric probs.migraines,floaters in eyes, goo in eyes. Lost 2 teeth probs with gums.Have found the DSP mouthwash helped and the cream. Bug Arrest, Bicarbonate of soda, Hydrogen peroxide, grapefruit seed extract have all helped the skin. But still have a mass of red lines/blue lines under skin. Also have a numbness in legs/feet,this has suddenly appeared. Doctors in England do NOT what to know about this whatsoever. While ever they can go on making their diagnoses of 'fibromyalgia, cfs, bursitis, IBS, etc' that they don't know the cause of they are quite happy and useless.

Fine red and white rash, ecoli bumps, fungal bumps, cannot have normal BM, severe pain in muscles, tendons, nerves, burning skin, feeling of insanity, throwing up, night sweats, severe itching, cysts in throat, bad breath,intestinal bloating and pain, hair loss, headache, tired, cold, bad dreams, infections of teeth, stomache, skin etc...I lived in home with holes in main water supply, dead birds in cellar, birds in walls living.

Fatigue, cough, aches, pains, joint issues, carpal tunnel, digestive issues, hacking cough, morgs, periodontal issues, cognitive issues, High glutamate, low cortisol, adrenal burn out, lots more..I forget now. Marc...I love your dsp...and will be ordering your new stuff soon. Thanks for all you do for so many of us. God Bless.

Initial experience included bizare rash (puffy redness two inches diamiter), persistent scabies(subcutanous burrows; pain scale-extreme, although persistent scabies are now decidedly in remission, I continue to suffer regular subcutanous throbing & occasional bouts of topical itch accociated with Unexplained shiny black dots, and a rare revelation of friable black strands growing perpendicular to ether my finger or palm (reff topical itch syndrom). Currently persistent and stabil, with heavy antibiotic treatment. I am extreamly concerned about how this condition was aquired & how dangerous it is to others.

Fatigue, forgetful, itch, insomnia, bite, glass splinters coming out of body, thick saliva, mucus hanging in throat, something long and big moving around in body, head and extremities, hair loss, moving biting hair, crawling in eyes, nose, ears, brown and red spots on skin, sores on skin, edema in extremities, thick crusty areas on bilat 3rd toes and lateral sides of feet, wirey hair on extremities, increase in spider veins, raised areas on forehead and chin, flaky skin on eyelids and in ears, ridges on scalp, sand like in hair and on bed, brown rash around neck, thick lips, ropey ridges under skin felt easily on chest areas, severe pain in back and legs, spasms, cramps, dificulty lifting legs and feet, weakness in all extremities,

blurred vision, strings in eyes, recurrent ear and eye infections, wormy-hair-fiber-egg like structures emerging from skin, eyes, nose, and mouth,foul odor to flatulence and stools,long flat, white, plastic-rubber like things coming out of throat, hair like worms comin g out of feet, musical sounds and ringing high pitched sounds in ears and head, vibrations in body, night tortures from unseen electrical like forces, unable to be on time, loss of efficiency, difficult writing or spelling, or expressing ideas, sores slow to heal, white scar like areas under skin, thin peeling fingernails, procrastination,

tightness of skin on scalp at times, jerking, jumping in body and extremities, fatty areas around, knees and elbows, symetrical markings on body, receding gums, dry eye syndrome, pain and ache in muscles and joints, heartburn, visual sprays of bright flashes of lights, loss of dreams, awake at night, sleepy all day becoming very alert around 10 pm, isolate myself from others, fake hair began to grow around nipples, toes are curling under, becoming a clutter bug and pack rat, cold and hot sensations, irritable, angry, so much more.


My sister a LVN works at Sutter hospital, she came down with this stuff last year and I got it about one month later, it has been living hell. After several trips to the doctors, I gave up and went to the internet. Found some things that help like Ivermectrin, clean free, amonia, silver and some additional things we found on your web-site, God Bless your work and keep up the good work I check your web site at least twice a week, can't wait to try your new washing soap. Again thank you for all your hard work, I believe there isn't a plac


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I would love to visit the original website. Would you shoot it to me in a pm please? Thanks

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Hello, I am 18 years old and for the past few months ive been feeling crawling in my nose. when I try to pick it I feell something go up nasal passages. from reading this page I believe the first stages of morgellons disease. my boyfriend whom I currently reside thinks im.crazy but.this didnt happen to me before.i with him. I seen dots the.sie of dust particles on my dresser so I cleaned our room. I feel the crawling on my skin and legs and.feet sometimes ears. I wear makeup but it doesnt contain glitter. my.hands and face.look like I have glitter on them. the fibers are all aand clothes. I have no.iea what to do

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Thank you, Deny, for posting the information. It is always helpful to include the site where you the information.

Poet, I'm sorry you are having the symptoms/problems. I searched the internet for quite a long time when I first found out about this. There are a few sites out there that are no, in my opinion, very good but since that is my opinion, I won't give the web name/address. You just need to be careful as with anything you are searching for. I typed in Morgellon's & pretty much went from there. I'm using my phone to answer this but later I will get on my computer & gather some information to post that might help you but in the meantime, feel free to read the posts on here. Welcome to the group. It's slowly building up. Smile

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Cool Yes, I agree about people being thought crazy for 'different' ideas. I can only imagine what Di Vinci must have gone through. The intelligence & forethought of that man's mind was unbelievable!

I am hoping to really dig into my derm's mind @ my next appointment. My gp saw pictures I have of some fibers I had on my camera. She doesn't think I'm nuts. She'd never heard of it before so I'm educating her.

If you have any other questions, comments, etc, please feel free to comment. I'm here as are others to help one another. I have a friend who is going to a Morgellon's 'conference in Texas. I think she leaves today. I'll post whatever she lets me know from that.


04/28/2014 06:20 PM
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