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05/20/2008 11:12 AM

PLEASE HELP!!! Looking for answers.

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Hello everyone! My name is Christina and I am new to this support group. I'm here in search of answers and reassurance to help ease my mind where my 7yr old daughter is concerned. Here's our story:

Christmas day of 2006 I noticed my daughter's neck was extremely swollen. She was running a high fever and I could tell she really wasn't feeling well. I took her to the ER and they diagnosed her with Strept throat. They put her on some medicine and sent her home. The swelling was gone within 3 weeks. Now here's my dilemma. It's been 2 years since our first incident with the swollen glands and now they're back. In March I took her to the doctor and again she was diagnosed with strept. A week later, the glands in her neck became swollen again. It looked like she had four golf balls beneath her skin, 2 on each side of her neck. At first the doctor told me it was probably just a side effect of the strept. By mid April the swelling hadn't decreased at all. Her doctor ordered blood work and everything came back normal except for the fact that she showed a history of Mono but that it wasn't presently active.

Finally about 2 weeks ago the swelling began to decrease and I began feeling better about the whole situation. Last Friday however she woke up running a fever and by Monday, Her neck was extremely swollen again. The strept test came back negative, but because of the fever her doctor went ahead and prescribed an antibiotic and some steroids. He also scheduled for a biopsy of her lymph nodes for next week.

I recently lost my dad to lung cancer and I am scared out of my wits for my daughter. What is causing her lymph nodes to remain so swollen???

I know I've written a lot here and I apologize but I figured the more information I could give, the better an answer I'll receive.

Are the symptoms my daughter is having normal for someone with a history of Mono?? I've read that it takes Mono a while to leave the system, but I've also read that the virus that causes Mono stays in the system and never goes away. Could the virus be causing the swelling? And if so, does this mean there will be periods of swelling on and off for the rest of her life?? She hasn't complained about any pain or tenderness with the swelling but I have noticed that she gets tired a lot. Sometimes after school she'll take a 3 hour nap, only to turn right around and be asleep again by 9PM or 10PM. If my 5 yr old son were to take a nap like that, theres no way he'd be in bed by then.

Anyways I apologize again for writing so much here. It just really scares me all that going on with her and I just need a little reassurance.

Many Thanks In Advance,



05/20/2008 03:13 PM
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Christina, it might not hurt to take her to a doctor who specializes in infectious diseases (mono). You can ask your family doctor for a referral. The I.D. doctors know a WHOLE lot more about mono than other doctors. That's what I would do, anyway.

You and your daughter are in my thoughts.



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