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10/07/2009 06:42 PM

3 miscarriages my story

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well hello .. i have never done this .. but oct.2009 i had my 3rd miscarriage.. before that it had been 2yrs 1 after the other.. i am really sad. i dont even know how to explain the emptiness in me. everybody expects me to be happy. i have pretend to be happy. the first time i had a girl. chrissy elizabeth was her name she past at 6months of my pregnancy.. my second one a boy jehova marlon he past at 7 monthsErmm my third and most recent was at 2 months i didnt know what it was. my first 2 where due to short cervix so i was so happy to think that this thrid pregnancy they will know what to do sad to say it die.. does anyone know how to cope with the sadness i feel in my heart? i cant talk to my family because they dont understand how i feel.. it has gotten so bad for me that i cant even talk to my lovely nephews anymore.. y i ask myself they did not do anything to me... my husband doesnt even seem to be sad.. is it just me or what ? if anybody out there feels how i feel sad lonely depress not understandable. please tell me what do .. i know how to give great advice but i dont know how to follow it.. i really feel like just giving up.......................................................... ............................................ ceci

10/08/2009 03:02 PM
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i understand how you feel and have been there myself

eveyone told me on my third miscarriage that i might as well not get my hopes up it is a sign i shouldn't have any- at that point i already had a girl- the attitude was don't get your hopes up till the baby is at least 4 months along

i had very little support from anyone on my third

so i have been there and it is very hard you have to take it a day at a time and keep talking to people. talking helps

i am hear for you

11/25/2009 01:45 PM
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Hi Ceci,

although I have only had 1 miscarriage I know the emptiness. I know that hollow pit in your stomach. I know screaming and screaming and screaming for someone to please do something and save your baby. I know. I know what feeling like the only one it effects feels like. I am so sorry. It's tragic, and noone should have to go through it. Please never give up hope! You're an inspiration, please keep your chin up.


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