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09/12/2010 11:00 AM

New To This Group


Hi my name is Leandra and I am new to this group,

I am 28 have one child and have had 13 miscarriages they know what causes them its me not producing progestrone so I cant carry them for longer than a week or two. The only reason I have my son is because I was in the ICU for an infection they ran a blood test came up possitve but barley they started me on shots of prog. then every other day and I was only a week and six days pergo. as everyone knows you just cant catch it like that at home you dont even know till you miss your period but for me then it is too late..

Does anyone else struggle with this problem?

Have you found anything that has worked?

I wanted to try creams but the dr. said that can CAUSE miscarriages before you get prego if it is in your blood stream so I am lost. We want childern so bad now (my son is not my husbands he is mine from a relationship before I am blessed to have him just not the same for my husband and I TOTALLY understand)

So thought I would say hello and get to know some people that may have some suggestions!!

I also have problems even getting prego we have been trying now for a year with no luck before that it was one prego and it was a tubal, then the year before that was one but we lost it as well, my other losses have came from the years of trying (being stupid) when I was younger!


09/13/2010 12:37 PM
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hi, i just wanted to welcome you to the group. i'm am so very sorry for all the losses you had to endure. take care. hugs.

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