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11/25/2010 04:14 PM

25+ years of migraines, need some advice

FluffyPants007Posts: 1
New Member

I remember my first migraine when I was in 4th grade, crying on the couch b/c my head hurt so bad and I remember my mom saying that she gave them to me...she gets them just as bad and Im assuming mine are hereditary.

Im 33 now and have been suffering from migraines on and off since then. I used to get them every few months, over the last year they are coming about every 2-3 weeks. They are so bad that the right side of my head forms a lump and it swollen and hot. They are now making me so dizzy that Im vomiting and cant walk straight.

The last 3 have been so debilitating that I am constantly calling in sick to work and Im surprised they haven't fired me. The sad part is people who don't get migraines think you can just take a tylenol and suck it up, you cant. I've been making up sicknesses b/c of the migraine, colds, flus, stomach issues etc. As I work with people who don't suffer from headaches. Everyone thinks I'm a hypochondriac since Im always claiming to be sick with something. Ive also had to cancel two work trips b/c getting on a plane when having a migraine equals vomiting and serious dizziness.

My fail safes are no longer working either, usually an ice pack helps with the food related ones, and heat for the muscular ones, a hot shower, some light yoga, usually do the trick but not for the last couple of ones. They are just making it worse.

Last nights was so bad that I had to take 2 vicodins and they didn't even touch it. Today I took execedrin migraine and it hasn't helped at all.

Im at my wits end here, they seem to be getting progressively worse and more and more frequent. I have found out that I am allergic to Imitrex, which my gen practitioner tells me more than likely I am allergic to other migraine meds, which is why I take vicodins when I get them. I also allergic to ibuprofen so I resort to tylenol which doesn't actually help all that much.

I know I have food triggers as I can tell the difference between a food related migraine and a muscular. Im currently going to a chiropractor once a week and an acupuncturist 2x a month for help. The one I have now is definitely food related...why I torture myself I don't know....

Im contemplating going to a neurologist as I don't think the swelling is normal nor the equilibrium issues. My part of my face goes numb particularly right behind my eye, which I also don't think is normal. These are all new symptoms for me with my migraines over the last few years.

Any help with home remedies, or maybe a new medication I can try would be helpful.


11/27/2010 10:34 PM
Posts: 2771
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Going to a neurologist would be a good place to start. They would be able to help with medications and treatments for you. They would also be able to help if you have any problems with your employer and calling in.

Good luck.

11/28/2010 06:52 AM
mrsklemmePosts: 164

I'm actually amazed that in 25 years your gp hasn't recommended a neurologist. I started getting my headaches at 13 (38 now) and I was and a neurologist within 3 months. I would definitely find a respected one in your area and start there. My gp does not understand my headaches AT ALL although I love her for other things. It's just not her expertise. I have to explain it to her most of the time.

Best of luck.

12/03/2010 04:21 PM
Posts: 1601
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Welcome to the group. I've suffered with migraines most of my life and most of what you discribe as far as I'm conserned are migraine related. I've always become very sick, vomiting numbness down the left side of my face and arm, trouble talking. It wasn't till 07 that I started seeing a neurologist and if you can get in to one its a good plan. There are so many reasons for bad headaches. The one I had in 07 was thought to be a possible tumor or stroke. If your troubled about the increase in number and severity you should ask for a referal. Better to be safe than sorry. Take Care!


12/05/2010 02:33 PM
CassieVPosts: 9
New Member

Def go see a neurologist. They can bare minimum give you a MRI or CT scan to check for tumors or irrularities.

YOu mentioned food related ones: If your symptoms are triggered by certain you should figure out exactly which foods and stay away from them. If you aren't sure exactly what foods are triggering your migraines, cut one food at a time out of your diet and see it that makes a difference.

Hope that helps a little Smile


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