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05/28/2008 08:01 AM


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hello eveyone im new to the group. ive been suffering frm migraines since i was in highschool and just thought i would join the group to get to know other who suffer from the same or similar conditions. i am taking Dr prescribed medications for them. and i find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning because that when they come on them most often.

thanks and i hope to get to know everyone!

<3 carebear


06/04/2008 02:38 PM
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Hello Carebear!

welcome to the group

06/09/2008 02:51 PM
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Welcome Carebear

I too get my migraines in the morning. It is horrible!!!! What kind of meds does your dr give you? I sure hope they help!!! I do have to say this is a great site to go to for everything. The people you will meet are really great, helpful(Sometimes I think they help more than the Doctors)

If you have any questions please feel free to write to me. I am the group leader for the migraine page. I would be happy to help out and get to know you. Again WELCOME!!!!

Lisa Smile

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06/13/2008 06:02 PM
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Welcome Carebear,

I saw your profile...I think everyone with migraines is in Hell Smile so that would put us in the same place in VA! Actually, my 18 yr old daughter has had migraines since she was 14, we are in Gloucester County. She just recently started taking Celebrex, just to give it a try. She also has hypermobility and joint pain, so she figured it would help with one or hopefully both. She never has slept well since getting the migraines and for the past two weeks, she said that her joint pain has decreased and she is sleeping better...migraine pain has decreased we assume because she is sleeping better. I think most migraines start in the early morning around 4am. Unfortunately, hers are 24/7. What are you taking for a preventative?

06/14/2008 06:49 PM
newmommy3Posts: 255

hi and welcome. i have tried so many medications. my dr told me to try b2 suppliments, one or two a day. or a b complex vitamin, a lot of ppl with migraines have a b deficiency. so i will try that. but i get migraines like 5 or 4 days a week. its reallllly difficult. i hate when the pain comes flooding back to my head when i wake up.

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