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06/10/2012 11:25 PM

Migraine & Tension Headaches at the same time

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I get migraines and tension headaches at the same time. Usually one will start then trigger the other within an hour. I've tried monitoring what I eat, drink and daily activities. And my doctor is puzzeled that he can't see any patterns or any reason as to why i get these so called mixed headaches. I can be watchi ng a movie, enjoying myself and then BAM, a mixed headache! They get so bad that the whole right side of my head goes numb, I have a hard time remembering things and I've been told I sound like a drunk person when i talk not making any sense. I remember getting migraines when i was younger. They have only gtten worse as I've gotten older. When I get them I lay down in a dark cool room and lay my head on some tennis balls on the back of my head where my pressure points are and take a muscle relaxer. If my sleep is undisturbed my mixed headache will be gone in about 2 hours.

Does anyone get these same symptoms?

Ps, sorry for any misspellings. My tablet is actin up.


06/11/2012 07:20 AM
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I'll take a wild stab at this: do you think the trigger might be a change in barometric pressure? Have you ever noticed that before? My main trigger is the change in pressure, usually 24 hours before a storm or front comes in.

06/12/2012 04:18 PM
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SuperChunk, have your doctors ever talked with you about hemiplegic migraine? Some of the symptoms you describe seem to fit (though I'm no doctor, just a migraine sufferer!).

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