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03/09/2012 05:26 PM

Need help with my uncle .....

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OK so where to start ...

My uncle is a alcoholic (although he wont admit it). Since his marriage failed, about 11 years ago, he's used alcohol as a emotional crutch.

ANYWAY. I think he is mentally ill ... In fact I know he is, and my mum and nan think the same.

He gets drunk, turns up and causes havoc. For example, tonight he turned up (drunk as usual) asking if he can stay over (I live with my nan who is 80, and his mother), (bearing in mind my uncle is is his mid 50's but more about that later), because my nan said no he was shouting, calling her a prick, bring up the past that she has never cared about him, calling himself a scape goat, telling her to f**k off, just ranting and raving. This happens once every couple of weeks.

He always wants to stay here, (this is his childhood home where I now live with my nan) and cannot accept this is not his house any more.

OK, so that's a bit of a back ground on the situation.

The reason I feel my uncle is Mentally unstable are the following :

* dependence on alcohol

* inability to look after himself (he often smells, doesn't look clean, or eat)

* no scense of reality (he lives in la la land, thinks he can achieve things he cant as he has no money etc)

* wont accept responsibilty for his own actions/accept he is wrong


* told me he had KILLED SOMEBODY (he's totally decisioned)

* Violent temperament (Kicked my nan's door down in her old house, threatens to "smash the s**t out if my step dad)

* unable to let go off the past

I am generally scared he will hurt himself or somebody else. He needs help but he has refused help from the doctor.

I am scared of him as when he is nasty to my nan i will stand up for her and last time he was growling like an animal at me he was so angry .... It's not normal what he is doing!

He needs help before he either drives my nan to a grave by his bulling, or hurts himself or somebody else. He's said he's going to "do himself in" many times, and to say that he is dying is just horrendous.

I hate him for what he is putting my family through and want him to get help. Is there any way I can appeal get him involuntary sectioned? I really do fear he will harm himself or somebody else.

I don't know what to do. please somebody give me some advice??


03/09/2012 06:27 PM
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I hope someone replies to your post. I sometimes don't answer peoples post in hopes that someone else will. I hope that if you feel you or your nan are ever really in danger that you call the police. We sure do not want any of you to be harmed. I feel bad that you have to live with this.

Does your uncle have his own home or is he homeless?

03/09/2012 06:32 PM
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No he has his own flat ... he just doesn't like staying in it! I think if it wasn't me that posted this I would be the same, I wouldn't be sure what to say. It's just like a living nightmare, we have had him arrested so many times. but my nan feels guilty, its her son ... nobody want's to see him like this, it's so distressing

Thank you though, I hope somebody has some advice for me x

03/21/2012 11:58 AM
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If he does have a mental illness, he needs to get on medications. I'm sorry he won't try to get help himself. If he threatens to hurt himself or others you can have him involuntarily committed. He has to get to that point though. That's awful how he treats everyone. Alcohol doesn't help one bit. I have bipolar disorder and I know how important it is to take medications. He could be a whole different person possibly with medications if he has a mental illness. I wish you luck with him and hopefully something happens so he gets diagnosed. Good luck!

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