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10/06/2010 02:52 PM

sharing sometimes doesnt work


Sometimes when you share your thoughts with someone you love it causes more trouble than it would have if you would have just kept it to yourself. I told my wife I heard voices one time and was not sure of what I heard and already she wants me to committ myself lol! Also if I ask her who she has been calling or who is this or who is that she gets very defensive. We both had a period of infedelity where we were talking online and on text to other people so trust is an issue right now on top of my BP,so you can imagine how rough it is on me.

10/30/2010 08:23 PM
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Yes, I can only imagine how rough it is on you....but if she did it also, why would she be down on you so much? It is very easy to fall into this thing of online affairs. My husband is bp II and he had a manic episode this year where he had an online/telephone affair. It broke my heart. Trust was a real issue for us the biggest part of this year. When he finally sent the other woman an email and explained his illness and told her that he he didn't truly love her and never had, and blah, blah, convinced me that he wasn't truly interested in her AND it had been only the mania driving that Love Train.... We are finally healing. By the way, he let me read the email before he sent it and he was very forthcoming and direct in the email to her. Man, she was ANGRY. But he wrote only one more and told her "I meant every word of it. Glad you are moving on." I was so proud of him for obtaining that closure for both of us. Our marriage is worth it.

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