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01/25/2011 12:22 AM

Beyond Mental Illness

CrazedDreamerPosts: 115

Im confused right now after weve recovered from mental ilness where do we go.

Or maybe I should say specifically where do I go?

I have used my imagination when things were bad to create imaginary people to help me, and comfort me.

I looked at terrible situations in the light of imagination to make them seem fascinating or not as bad.

Now I am as over my mental illness as anyone would be.

Ive accepted it as a part of me,

I will get panic attacks when the stress is too much,

I will see things that arent there and hear voices when the stress is too much.

I cant stop this.

This is likely here for life or a long time, but I accept it, and just choose not to feed my fears and hallucinations and not deny them. I simply try to continue doing what I was doing when my hallucinations appear.

ITs just that I wonder, Im at a crossroads proffesionaly.

I can take this imagination and hallucinations and make them into movies and animations no can come up with except me because their my ideas.

I can go into the field of mental health become a therapist-psychologist/psychiatrist whatever because Ive been through what others suffering are currently going through, so I have a gift or insight psychologists who have never struggled with mental illness dont have.

Im studying AutoCad right now and I know im very smart, I could become an engineer.

Ultimatly im confused what should I do??


01/25/2011 05:31 PM
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You sound to me like you are doing fairly well, considering a few issues you are struggling with. Learning to adapt and cope is a wonderful thing. That's great you are studying AudioCad, yes you do sound very much like an intellent man, you can do anything you set your mind up to doing but of course you need to make sure your expectations are realistic.

That would be awesome if you became a psychologist, you'd make such a great one. There are other members at mdj studing for that, some are doing social work, therapists, i have 3 as my friends, one is actively a counsellor doing a bipolar group and her group knows she's bipolar, this is so cool.

I'm glad you are posting, keep posting more if you wish we are here for you.

01/26/2011 11:00 AM
CrazedDreamerPosts: 115

Thanks thats sweet of you to say.

01/26/2011 11:24 AM
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Sounds like you can do any one of those things you said up there. You seem very smart. AutoCad isn't easy. The question I would ask is what would you get the most out of doing and what would you enjoy the most? Writing down your ideas wouldn't really take much education. You are already getting some education for engineering. Psychologist would take quite awhile in schooling to reach that goal. I think they are all great ideas. If I could go back in time, I would be something to do with psychology myself. All in all, it's all about what you enjoy the most. Think about that. You are on the road to much success. I think you are doing a very good job and you will succeed with whatever you decide to do. Good luck!!

01/27/2011 04:13 PM
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I didn't know what I wanted to be and ended up picking Medical Illustrator. Didn't get into college, so went with various jobs. Laid off from two..... reasons being mental illness but given other names.

Then I went to college for Medical Assistant. Switched to Social Work.... than back again.

My illness has been non-existant... to known.... to inremission... to full relapse....

And, now.... who knows. But like you I've accepted it as part of me.

My experience told me that when you know it's right for you, you will know. Maybe half way thru trying it. Maybe at graduation. Maybe tonight, when your mind is quite and you finally have some peace.

There's no set date in life. I say enjoy the ride. And, if it means experimenting.... then so be it.

01/31/2011 12:14 AM
CrazedDreamerPosts: 115


Thanks really all you guys for all youre input.

Ive been meditating and thinking about it, and the truth is I know what I want Im just afraid its impossible.

I know I want to create a world like I see when I dream. If I die an 80 year old man the founder of a faery village I will be happy.

Now I know this is a practical impossibility and yet...

DisneyLand is a world created entirely out of dreams and stories, Movies and plays are nothing more than ideas written on paper and than produced.

The state of Israel was once just an idea, with the tagline by Herzel "If you want it, it is no Dream".(Or fantasy).

America was founded by people in England in 1700s when oppression was terrible who dreamed of a better life.

So whats the difference between a dream and a plan, a plan is a dream with concrete goals and objectives.

So what is the Dream...

To take the fantasy world I inhabit and see and bring it to life, so that others can see it.

That is the dream.

To that end, I would need an Animation, or Production company to make those movies, and Id need a village or theme park where the imaginary characters from my Fantasies could walk around.

So thats my goal and Im gonna stick to it, figure out how much funding it would cost, how I could turn a profit on it.

In the meantime, im gonna complete the AutoCad course so I can get a job as a Draftsmen so I can save up enough money go to Animation School.

Thanks sometimes just talking through ideas with supportive peopole helps.


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