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05/07/2010 08:31 AM

Depo Shot

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If there is one thing Ive experienced its Depo. Sorry Im lrscherer, I understand your concern. Bulletion talk about cancer when you are thinking of Depo.

Depo was a blessing for me. Dr told me in 1983 that women in Europe had been using it for years as birth control.

The reason he brought it up was I had ulceration colitis in my colon inwhich i lost alot of blood every day and I was alway anemic. So depot stops your periods & prevents pregnancy.Ive only had shots I hear that can do implants under your skin now in your arm. It releases a little every day. I had an IUD called the Progesacert once it had depo into and was plastic it released a little every day so no preg. I used it as shot for over 20+ yrs never had a problem no cancer or side affects. It was great. The insert said that it does not cause tumors of cancer, but if you have abnormalities; like little tumors or something unable to be found it could cause them to increase in size quicker than if you werent on it. But It was the only birthcontrol my body would accept, pill bothered my ulcerative colitis and IUDs I worked out at a spa and when i did exercises I physically push them out of my body, pain. I say congradulation!! You should be fine. Im not a dr. Just one persons experience!! got rid of condoms, & enjoyed set for the first time in my life not worring about pregnancy. Im in menapose now xo no shots. God Bless


05/08/2010 07:07 AM
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Hi hon,

I used the birth control implant for a while before I had a hysterectomy and it was fine at first, but after a few months I had problems with breakthrough bleeding and it didn't help mood swings or pain I was suffering. It is a good form of birth control for a lot of women.

I have never heard it used as a form of HRT though. But if it works for you, that's great!



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